Top 5 Wednesday: Rebellion Groups

And now it’s time to try a Top 5 Wednesday post! This week is Top 5 Rebellion Groups. This was created by gingerreadslainey on youtube (who I highly suggest checking out – her videos are always so fun :”D). Here is where you can read everyone else’s Top 5s if you’d like.

So here we go~

…Honestly, for my first Top 5, I don’t even have 5. I have 4. I haven’t read enough ‘rebellion group’ stories to make five. Seriously I need to get out more. (or stay in more, rather). But whatevs! Top (4) Rebellion groups!

4. The Rebels of District 13 from The Hunger Games
This is the first one that popped up for me (and seems to be in a lot of other peoples’ too!) but it’s definitely not my top favorite. I really like this rebel group and the idea of it, but the reason it’s at the bottom of the list is because of my rating of Mocking Jay. I rated it three stars. I liked it, but it was definitely my least favorite out of the three, so… number 4 slot this group gets.

3. The Japanese task force from Death Note
This group is one of the rebel groups that’s actually a normal authority, and are rebelling against a “New World Order” or whateverthehell Light was trying to set up. The reason I love this group is rather obvious: L. L is wonderful – he’s one of my favorite characters in the series (the other being Ryuk, hah) and I always loved reading his thoughts. It made me feel smarter than I am certain I really am. If you haven’t read Death Notes, go do it man.

2. The Order from The Relic Master series
The Order in this series are rebelling against The Watch, a tyrannical system of… government? I guess? The Order of those who still believe in the old mysticism of the world, which The Watch outlawed when they took power. Any people who are found following the Order’s beliefs are killed or disappear. The main characters in this series are two of the few remaining members of the order. One is a Relic Master, the other is his apprentice – a Relic Master is one who can channel into the planet’s innate power and control it at will, a strong belief of the Order. So obviously, they are wanted by the Watch. The intricacies of The Order’s belief system become more and more complex as the books continue, making it one of my favorites.

1. Dumbledore’s Army from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
This one is a given, I think. If you haven’t read Harry Potter… prepare to be spoiled, I guess? Yes, prepare to be spoiled!

Dumbledore’s Army is started by Harry reluctantly as a response to a professor’s utter pigheadedness and denial. I love this group so much because when I was reading about it, I wanted to be in it (I want to be in all of Harry Potter, but that’s besides the point). I was in my late teens when I read this book, so I was at their age, give or take, so I felt like I could relate to their cause because at the time, my math teacher was a bit of a butt. I would have given anything to shoot a patronus at her, hah.

So there’s my Top 5(4) for this week! I had fun. Let me know what yours are!

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