2015 Book Resolutions

Okay, I have a problem. This past summer, I moved out of my parents’ house and into an apartment. I took a little over half of my books with me. I just went through the books that I brought with me. Out of those books, I still have not read 117 of them. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN. Assuming I paid roughly $10 per book, that’s over one thousand dollars of goods that have been doing nothing but wasting away on my shelves.

Therefore, a book buying limit is in effect as of Dec 31st. That being for Christmas stuffs that will involve books beforehand.

Exceptions to the limit:
– Books I receive as gifts
– Books that are purchased through gift cards I receive that are specified for bookstores (meaning, no Target cards can be used on books. Just bookstore cards. I can’t purchase myself bookstore cards, they must be received)

The rules of the limit:
To purchase a new book, 5 books on existing to-be-read shelf must be read. Library books don’t count towards this goal
– If I read a book and don’t like it, either give it away or donate it to the library to free up shelf space

– Read 30 books throughout the year – the more the better, though
– Focus on sequels and stand-alones,
– Buy only 6 books for the 30 read
– Write reviews for at least 50% of the books read
– Separate ‘to-be-read’ books onto their own bookcase. Yes, entire bookcase.
– Go through ‘to-be-read’ books and decide whether or not I’ll actually ever feel like reading them. If not, give away or donate them. These do not count towards the ‘5 books’ count to purchase a new book

So there we have it. These reading goals will be among the slew of other non-book-related goals I have for 2015. Honestly I feel like this one will be the easiest to accomplish, considering y’know, I actually like reading. Wish me luck!

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