TBR Jar Challenge 2015!

I’ve decided to take part in Katytastic’s TBR Jar Challenge for this coming year. I figured it would help me a lot when it came to reading books that have been on my shelf forever that I just haven’t gotten to yet. A tbr jar is typically a jar full of book titles that you still need to read. Once a month or week or whatever your reading pace is, you pull a slip from the jar and read whatever book is on it. I had never done one before because I knew that if the name on the slip was a book that I wasn’t in the mood for, I wouldn’t read it regardless.

But then this challenge was created and I liked the sound of it a lot more than the normal jar idea. I will add all of the challenges listed in the video into my jar and pull one each month. I will be changing two of the challenges however. The two that I’m altering were originally ‘listen to an audio book’ and ‘read a book you had originally given up on’.

The reason for these changes is because I don’t have access to audiobooks – too poor to buy, and I don’t really have the attention span to listen to something while doing nothing else. I know I’d have to give the audio my attention or I wouldn’t pick up on the story, and I feel like my brain won’t let me do that. I’m not trying to be whiny, but seriously, my attention span is shit. I full acknowledge that this is problem. It’s in my resolutions for this year to work on it. (y’know what, maybe an audio book would help me do that… buh. Audio book recommendations, I guess? Please? xD) And for the ‘given up on’ challenge, I’m not picking those up again. I gave up on them for a reason, and I know if I’d try a reread, it would be gross. I don’t like the books I gave up on (though I suppose if I come across a book I was supposed to read for school but didn’t, I’ll do that. But otherwise.)

So this is the list of challenges I will be doing, the bold ones are my alterations:

-Read a book with 500+ pages
-Reread a favorite book
-Read a 2015 debut novel
-Read a book that someone else picks
-Read a book that you’ve never heard of before
-Begin reading a new graphic novel/graphic novel series
-Read a new-to-you author
-Read a book that is not a novel
-Read/watch a book and its adaptation
-Read an award winning novel
-Read a classic novel
-Read a series finale

Now I just need to find a jar. Whatever slip I pull out of this jar will be included in my January TBR and my choice of book that fits that catagory. Happy reading!

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