How I Rate Books

I’ve seen a lot of people make one of these now, and since ratings mean different things for everyone, I figured that I would make mine as well. My rating system gives the average book I read a 3-star rating.

5 stars – I loved this book. I will gush about it for a long time. You should go read it. Read it. READITREADITREADIT.

4 stars – I really, really liked this book. There may have been a small issue here or there that wasn’t stellar, but overall, highly recommended.

3 stars – I liked this book. It was good, but not great. If it’s part of the series, I’ll most likely continue that series. Most books I read end up being here. I tend to like a lot of the books I read, but not love them. Books that I put here may end up being 2 or 4 stars in other peoples’ rating systems.

2 stars – I didn’t care for this book. It wasn’t so heinous that I couldn’t finish it, but it didn’t really stick with me. Either the plot or the writing or the characters were off. Something about this bothered me. If it’s in a series, I won’t continue it.

1 star – I typically reserve this for books I can’t even finish because they’re so horrible. If I give a book this rating, it’s bad man. Save your eyeballs all the extra bleeding and don’t read this book.

3 thoughts on “How I Rate Books

  1. Heyyyyyyy Emmy! πŸ˜€ Since you already know I’m stalking your blog I thought I would create an account so I could occasionally comment. If I’m not too lazy….xD So far I love reading all your ramblings, as always, so I do hope you keep this up! Since I’m not the only lazy one…haha. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE! So yeah…that’s about it. Laterz!


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