Springtime Beauty Book Tag

Sometime soon I will post something other than a book tag, I swear. A lot of exams and projects has left little time for actual reading. I MISS IT, MAN.

Springtime Beauty Booktag! Created by this lovely youtuber here. (She has a super pretty dog that shows up in her videos sometimes. Go find it, it’s so pretty)

1) Spring Sun: The Days are getting longer and the sun is starting to shine – Name a book that fills you with hope
For this one, shocker, but I’m going with Harry Potter. The reason for this one is because it made my late childhood and early teens absolutely magical. And the hope springs from the fact that I most likely want children, and thinking about them experiencing the same thing reading these books excites me probably a lot more than it should. (stay away baby fever, I’m not ready for you yet!)

2) Crocuses & Tulips: Spring flowers are starting to sprout everywhere – Name an author or series you just discovered that you want to start or read more from
Patrick Ness. I supposed he’s not ‘recently discovered’, I’ve had one of his books on my shelf for probably three years. I just got around to reading it though last year and have since delved farther into that series and want to get the rest of the books he’s written and meet him and have him sign them and then spazz because I’ll be star struck.


3) A cool breeze: the days are getting warmer but are still nice and cool – Name a character that was like a breath of fresh air
2450820-lyingcatDefinitely Lying Cat from Saga. This is probably my favorite character in the series. I always seem to become most attached to the animals. Oh well. Lying cat is awesome, dammit. Go read Saga and behold the glory that is Lying Cat.

4) Blossoming trees: All the trees are bursting with spring color – Show some book covers that remind you of spring
Is it weird that I can’t think of a single cover that would qualify as an answer to this question? It’s probably weird. Sorry, no valid answer this time, man.

5) T-shirts & Shorts: With wamer weather comes cooler clothing – What is your favorite shortest book?
There are a lot of manga I could choose here, as all of them take what, a half hour to read? I think that one that popped into my mind first though was Demon Diary vol 1, specifically because it’s really adorable and funny and I haven’t read it in a while. Need to do so again.

6) Spring is the time for new beginnings:What series or series’ are you hoping to start this year?
I actually made a post about this one! :”D And here it is!

7) Sprintime Beauty: What are some of your favorite spring flowers?
Irises. Are irises spring time flowers? I honestly have no idea. I just like irises.

Okay done šŸ˜€

2 thoughts on “Springtime Beauty Book Tag

  1. I think most people chose Harry Potter for the book that fills you with hope, it’s just so lovely and calming! I also want to read more of Patrick Ness šŸ™‚

    I did this tag over on my blog if you’d like to see my answers:

    Sarah’s Chapter

    Sarah xx


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