Bout of Books Wrap-up

Guess what, I did good. πŸ˜€ I kinda surprised myself with how much I read. Was not expecting it.

Remember my original TBR? It was Angels and Demons, A Clash of Kings and A Clockwork Orange. And then when I threw it up on instagram, I actually added a few more graphic novels as well. Well… I kinda stuck to that. If you want to see my completed progress post, that’s here. But as everyone on this planet knows, I’m terrible with sticking to tbrs (and I’m currently doing Rybsat, which is strictly sticking to one, so we’ll see how that goes) so I kinda flew off in a tangent on this one. I did get a lot of reading done though!

What I finished was the following:

Y: The Last Man volume 4 by Bryan K Vaughn
Y: The Last Man volume 5 by Bryan K Vaughn
Wolf’s Rain volume 1 by Bones
Wolf’s Rain volume 2 by Bones (series completed! :D)
Samurai Champloo: Complete Series (maybe?) by Masaru Gotsubo
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

So really I read a whole bunch of comics and one book. Whatevs, I read. It totaled in 1417 pages, about 300 of those being from a non-graphic book. I’ll go over these more in my end of the month wrap up where I’ll delve more into my thoughts on them (and Angels and Demons will get a review as soon as I write it) I did so much better in this readathon than my first one. I’m so happy at me. :”D

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