May Wrap-Up and June Currently Reading

I think I had a fantastic reading month. πŸ˜€ I participated in two readathons – my first ones ever. The first, I did alright. The second, I did great πŸ˜€ Total, I read 22 things. …1 of them was a novel. The rest were manga and graphic novels. :”D But whatever, I read, and I enjoyed mostly everything I did.

My TBR Jar Challenge for May was ‘reread a favorite book’, and I succeeded in that as well. Two of the manga I read were rereads (and they’re both awesome btw)

In May, I read the following:

Y by Brian K. VaughanY by Brian K. VaughanWolf's Rain, Vol. 1 by BONESWolf's Rain, Vol. 2 by BONES, Keiko Nobumoto, Tosh...Samurai Champloo by Masaru GotsuboAngels & Demons by Dan BrownPriest, Volume 2 by Min-Woo HyungPriest, Volume 1. Prelude for the Deceased by Min-Woo HyungSaiyuki Reload Volume 1 by Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload, Volume 4 by Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload, Volume 2 by Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload, Volume 3 by Kazuya MinekuraSaiyuki Reload, Volume 5 by Kazuya MinekuraTrigun by Yasuhiro NightowTrigun by Yasuhiro NightowTrigun Maximum Volume 2 by Yasuhiro NightowTrigun Maximum Volume 1 by Yasuhiro NightowTrigun Maximum Volume 3 by Yasuhiro NightowThe Demon Ororon, Vol. 1 by Mizuki HakaseThe Demon Ororon, Volume 4 by Hakase MizukiThe Demon Ororon, Volume 3 by Hakase MizukiThe Demon Ororon, Volume 2 by Mizuki Hakase

So yeah, I read a lot of comics, and it was wonderful. In case the covers aren’t large enough to read, they are Y: The Last Man volumes 4 and 5, Wolf’s Rain 1 and 2, Samurai Champloo: The Complete Series, Angels and Demons, Priest 1 and 2, Saiyuki Reload 1-5, Trigun 1 and 2(these were the rereads. They. Are. Fantastic. Ohmygosh), Trigun Maximum 1-3, and The Demon Ororon 1-4.

My favorite reads this month were Trigun 1 and 2, coming in at 5 billion stars, and I feel my least favorite read this month was Wolf’s Rain (though I didn’t dislike it by any means) coming in at 3 stars for the series. I’ve posted a review of Angels and Demons, as that was my only novel this month (huh huh).

So needless to say, I do well with a readathon as motivation. Speaking of which, onto my June Currently Reading!

Guess what’s happening during June. πŸ˜€ Another readathon, yayay. This one is called TBRTakedown and is hosted by leaninglights. Here is the announcement video if you’d like to read along! (It starts today and goes through the 7th) I’ve made a post about the challenges for this readathon and the books I will be reading for it. And other than that, I’m still chugging through A Clockwork Orange and Life, The Universe, and Everything. I’ve actually started listening to a podcast as well. It’s a 12 part series telling a true story of a murder mystery (it’s a spin-off of This American Life by NPR if you’ve ever listened to that), and it’s on goodreads, so I’m counting that as well. It’s called Serial and is totally free to listen to if you’d like to check it out.

And then, there’s my TBRJar pick for June: IMG_1533Read an Award-Winning Novel. This one I’m not sure what I’ll do about yet. I think I might have one, maybe. I’ll have to scour my bookshelves for one. This is the first challenge I’m actually unsure if I’ll even be able to attempt, haha.

AND GUESS WHAT. As I was writing this post, I was notified of another readathon. I guess I’m doing two this month! It’s called the RainbowReadathon, and here is the announcement video and the twitter feed for the thing. The point of this one is to read books to make up a rainbow. This TBR, I have no clue on. I’ll probably make a post about this later in the month. This readathon takes place between June 15th and 21st.

Huff, that’s a lot of reading. Well, wish me luck! Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned above? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “May Wrap-Up and June Currently Reading

  1. That is a lot of books. Well done and good luck for the next readathons! Do you do ayearathon on Goodreads?


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