Rainbowthon Wrap-up and so on

TL;DR: I didn’t read much.

So the rainbowthon happened this past week, and while my ambitions were big, my actual reading was small. I just got back from a week long vacation from Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, where I thought I’d get a bunch of beach reading done. Turns out, we were on the beach for one out of the seven days, the other six were spent doing more involved activities, so most of my reading was done during down time in the evening and listening to an audio book in the car.

My TBR for this readathon was this, though I ended up switching out the two orange manga for The Martian by Andy Weir. That was the audio book – I listened to about 7 out of the 11 hours of it. And I read a good chunk of A Clash of Kings. Though other than that, I didn’t get around to even starting the others. So.. readathon failed, I guess? xD

Anyways, totally check out The Martian. It kills me every chapter, I love it.

Also, I’m super behind in a lot of stuff since my internet was limited during this trip. So if you’ve tagged me in things, or have done stuff I’ve tagged you in and I haven’t seen it/said anything yet, it’s because I’m a ding dong and haven’t gone through my feed in a week. Gimme a bit, I’ll find it.

Until next time :”D

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