Halloween Book Tag

Today is a tag. :”D I found the Halloween book tag here and it’s original creator is here. Since Halloween is tomorrow and I’m planning on doing a Nano post tomorrow, I figured I’d put up this one today instead. So here it goooes.

1. Carving pumpkins- what book would you carve up and light on fire?

RumbleAt this time last year, I would have said Twlight, but I have found a book I dislike even more. :”D So it’s gonna be my tinder instead. And that would be Rumble by Ellen Hopkins. I did a review on it (warning, if you liked this book, don’t read that). I didn’t like that book at all. I haven’t read anything else by Hopkins though, so I’m hoping it was just this book that I disliked.

Anyways, yes, it will provide me warmth.

2. Trick or treat- what character is a treat, what character is a trick?

Iron Angel (Deepgate Codex, #2)Treat: John Anchor from Iron Angel by Alan Campbell. John Anchor is one of my alltime favorite characters ever. He appears in Iron Angel, which is the second book of the Deepgate codex. Everywhere John goes, he pulls around a huge tether than strapped to his back and disappears up into the sky. Turns out, he’s the anchor for a god’s ship and leads it around on the ground. He’s a huge, bulking, intimidating character with a heart of gold. I loves him. I really wish someone would create some fan art of the guy. I’ve tried looking and failed. D:Fullmetal Alchemist, Vol. 1

Trick: Fuhrer King Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa. Not gonna say anymore because spoilers, but ugh.

3. Candy corn- what book is always sweet?

Ella EnchantedElla Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I grew up rereading this book, among others. I love this book. It’s so nostalgic for me, it’s always a treat when I get to reread it.

4. Ghosts- what character would you love to visit you as a ghost?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)Like the video said where I found this tag, I feel like saying any character would be a spoiler, so…

Spoiler for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: I’d want Dumbledore to come visit. It would be so cool AND SAD, MAN.

5. Dressing up in costume- what character would you want to be for a day?

Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 1: The World's Greatest Team (Dragon Ball Z, #1)I think it’d be really cool to be anyone with the ability to fly (assuming the costume gave me the ability too ;”D). So maybe Goku or Piccolo from Dragonball Z by Akira Toriyama would be awesome.

6. Wizards and witches- what is your favorite Harry Potter moment?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter, #3)I like how this question is just straight up Harry Potter, haha. I think my favorite would be the whole time turner thing in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Though at the same time it mildly infuriates me. It had so much potential and after that book they just kind forget about it. Grr. But yes, time turner, Sirius Black, Buckbeak.

Btw, I CANNOT WAIT for the illustrated version of book 3. I’m SO EXCITED.

7. Blood and gore- what book was so creepy that you had to take a break from it for awhile?

MPD Psycho, Vol. 1The first one that pops into my head is MPD Psycho by Eiji Otsuka. This book is just gross, man. It’s about a serial killer that does messed up things and it totally deserves the title ‘graphic’ novel, because holy cow is it graphic. Yuck. I couldn’t even finish it and gave it away to a friend who likes gore. Beh.

So that’s the tag. :”D Happy Halloween everyone.

I tag:

Ace, Zezee, Analee, Panda, BooksatDawn, Orang-utan Scifi and Scary, Shivii and anyone else who would like to do it!

Haaaaave fun. :”D

9 thoughts on “Halloween Book Tag

  1. Hahahahaaaa… I just wanted to do an evil laugh for no reason. Thanks for tagging me!
    Totally agree about King Bradley. Omg! I feel like rewatching the series. Felt like this since last night when I watched a YouTube video on it on Glass Reflection.
    It would be cool to spend the day talking to Dumbledore.

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