Blogmas 2015: Tentative Schedule

Tomorrow is December first, which means the start of Blogmas! I decided to make a rough list of posts I will be doing for the month, partly so I can remember because sometimes I can be really dippy, partly because I needed something to post today. And because I can’t get the posts out of my head, I made a list for the rest of the year too, so my Blogmas is essentially going through the whole month of December. If you’d like to do Blogmas as well, you’re welcome to swipe some or all of these ideas if you would like to. SO HERE GOES.

25 Days of Blogmas Posting Schedule:
1st – Holly Jolly Holiday Tag v1
2nd – T5W: Favorite Audiobooks
3rd – 30 Days of Music: 13,14,15
4th – Holiday Recipes – BBQ Ribs (video? Ignore my messy kitchen!)
5th – Emoji Book Tag
6th – Top 5 Favorite Christmas Movies
7th –  Wine Book tag
8th – 30 Days of Music: 16,17,18
9th –  T5W: Favorite Retellings
10th – My Life in Books Tag
11th – 30 Days of Music: 19,20,21
12th – Holiday Recipes – Broccoli Bake
13th – How I’m Spending Winter Break
14th – Christmas Nail Art
15th – 30 Days of Music: 22,23,24
16th – T5W: Books to Read by the Fire
17th – Holiday Recipes – Nacho Dip
18th – Holly Jolly Holiday Tag v2
19th – 30 Days of Music: 25,26,27
20th – Baking Buttloads of Cookies (video? Ignore the flour everywhere!)
21st – Book Review: Weave World by Clive Barker
22nd – 30 Days of Music: 28,29,30
23rd – T5W: Series I Want to Start Next Year
24th – Christmas Eve Traditions, Now and Then
25th – Christmas Greetings/possible haul?

Holiday Recipes – Boleo
How many cups of coffee can I drink in one day without dying (video)
Bookshelf tour (video)
These are my weird cats (video)
Decorating for Christmas (video)

Rest of the Year:
26th –  2016 Reading Goals
27th –  2016 TBR Jar Challenge
28th –  16 in 2016
29th –  December Wrap-up and January Currently Reading
30th –  Top 15 Books of 2015
31st –  A Year in Review


10 thoughts on “Blogmas 2015: Tentative Schedule

  1. This is a great schedule. I’m very interesting in reading some of these posts and especially the recipes and the tags. 🙂


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