Nanowrimo…oops. :”D

After 30 days of Nanowrimo, my final word count sits at 20,396.


Honestly I haven’t written anything in the past week. Once I got it in my head that there was no way I was going to beat the thing, I lost all motivation. However, this month of writing did lead to some interesting things:

First off, I re-wrote the Nano novel that I did (and won with) in 2012. I decided to do that because I didn’t like the way the plot turned the first time, nor did I like half the characters that I haphazardly threw in there. This time around, while the word count is smaller and the dialogue definitely needs work, I do actually like what I came up with. After two or three more drafts, I might let someone read it. Maybe.

Secondly, I went to two different write-ins this year, something I’ve never done before! Both of them were really fun and it made me enjoy the writing process all the more.

The first one was one for my region which was hosted by my university. Me and one other person showed up, but we ended up getting along and had a good time. Turns out she’s a book lover too and we spent as much time gooing over our goodreads lists as we did writing.

The second one was a write-in I did with a friend of mine at her apartment. The Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, I drove down to her city, about an hour away, and we drank wine. I stayed the night. We got up early, got breakfast, binged on some anime (I got her hooked to Attack on Titan, I’m so proud) and then got down to writing. We did writing sprints that were really beneficial for both our word counts. Throughout the sprints, we also drank more wine and petted her dog. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time (and my word count went up because of it! :D)

And since then… not a word. That drunk write-in was the last time I even opened the document. Saying I got bogged down with classes and family holiday obligations sounds like a weak excuse, but there you go. So this year, I got about 40% done. Next year, I’m predicting the same since my school situation will be the same, but now I know I LOVE write-ins and hopefully I’ll be able to do some next year as well. πŸ˜€

I hope that if you participated that you are happy with your work, whether or not you met your word count. I certainly had fun and produced (dare I say it) not horrible writing.

Now back to my true love: books.

3 thoughts on “Nanowrimo…oops. :”D

  1. Honestly, it’s probably better to produce 20,000 words of, as you called it, “not horrible writing” than 50,000 words you hate πŸ˜€ I totally failed with NaNo- I wasn’t participating, but I did set myself some writing targets this month that I totally failed at- ah well, c’est la vie, there’s always next month πŸ™‚

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