How I’m Spending Winter Break – Blogmas 12/11

Guys, I took my last final about two hours ago. I AM A FREE WOMAN, til Monday when I go to work.

I know in my Blogmas Schedule, I had this particular post planned for Monday, but I figured today was better timed for it. I’ll either just switch the days or I might shuffle around a  bit more, I’m not sure. But anyways.

Today while listening to presentation finals for my one programming theory class, I made a list of all the stuff I want to do (or at least start) this winter break:


Most of that stuff is pretty straight forward. I want to refresh or teach myself the basics in a few different coding languages, pet my cats, go see Star Wars, get my professors to write me references, float around in Duolingo. I completed the German tree a while ago, haven’t touched in since. I’d like to refresh that and begin to learn Spanish as well.

And at the very top of the list, I have a beta read listed. My friend wrote a novel and asked me to read it. 😀 I’m 11 chapters in and it’s pretty decent so far. Hopefully it stays good throughout as well.

Other than that list, I plan to sleep alot, pet more cats and drink a lot of coffee and beer. 😛 And cook a lot!

And that’s it. My vacation is going to be rather sedentary aside from the exercise routine I have going. Not gonna move, not gonna do complex thought, gonna let media fill my head. I am so glad this semester is over. I’m to the point where I don’t even care what my grades ended up as (it’s awful I realize, but I’m so burnt out I don’t care that it’s awful – just give me a few days to recuperate, then I’ll start freaking out about them)

So yes. Pretty plain post, but I fully intend to have a plain winter break. I CRAVE SOME PLAINNESS FOR A LITTLE BIT, MAN. AND I’M SO EXCITED TO READ BOOKS AGAIN. I HAVEN’T READ IN LIKE FIVE DAYS.

‘Til tomorrow, happy reading. 😀



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