30 Days of Music: 28,29,30 – Blogmas 12/22

22 Dec

This is the fiiiiiinal one! Woot!

28 – A song from a fictional band or artist

Garbage Truck by Sex Bob Ombs from Scott Pilgrim vs the World. If you haven’t seen this movie, watch the trailer I linked below the music video. Peer pressure, do it.


29 – Your Favorite Ballad

A lot of the songs I’ve already posted can be considered ballads, so I’m not going to repeat any of those. So favorite (remaining) ballad is: Ghost Love Score by Nightwish. Oh my gosh guys. Just listen to this first minute of this and then decide if you want to finish it. I know it’s a ten minute song, but that first minute will pull you in and keep you there. This song is beautiful.

30 – Your favorite sad song

A bit of advice. Don’t listen to this song if you’ve recently lost somebody. I mean it. Once the chorus hits, you’ll cry and you won’t be able to stop. I’m serious.

Rest in Grace by Mono Inc

And that’s it! 30 Days of Music prompt has been completed!


Full List of Prompts:

Day 1: The last song you listened to.
Day 2: Your favorite song of all.
Day 3: Your favorite love song.
Day 4: Your favorite humorous song.
Day 5: Your favorite dark (or macabre) song.
Day 6: A song that’s special to you and someone else.
Day 7: A song you like to listen to on max volume.
Day 8: Your favorite metal song.
Day 9: A song that inspires you.
Day 10: A song that makes you feel better when you’re down.
Day 11: Your favorite instrumental song.
Day 12: A song you’re ashamed to admit you like.
Day 13: A song you like from a genre you don’t.
Day 14: Your favorite song from a musical (or opera.)
Day 15: A song you like to dance to (or makes you want to dance.)
Day 16: A song you like from a hobbyist. (IE, not a signed band/artist.)
Day 17: A song you and your mom/dad both like.
Day 18: Your favorite angry song.
Day 19: A song you like that isn’t in English.
Day 20: A song that makes you change the station.
Day 21: Your favorite TV theme song.
Day 22: A song you like to sing along to.
Day 23: A song from one of your favorite bands
Day 24: Your favorite holiday-themed song.
Day 25: Your favorite song from a game
Day 26: A song that reminds you of your family.
Day 27: A song that reminds you of your friends.
Day 28: A song from a fictional band or artist
Day 29: Your favorite ballad.
Day 30: Your favorite sad song.
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