Top 5 Wednesday: Disappointing Eye Candy

Top 5 Wednesday

Happy hump day! This week’s topic is disappointing eye candy, books that had beautiful covers but turned out to be clunkers. T5W was created by Lainey and here is the full list of posters, should you like to participate.

5. The Time Paradox by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl #6)

The Time Paradox (Artemis Fowl, #6)This book. I was so disappointed by this book. Artemis Fowl was and still is one of my favorite series, up to a point. I like to pretend the last three or four books don’t exist. The first three, maaaaybe four, are pure magic. I love the characters, the setting, the snark. It’s all grand. But after book four, the quality started to drop. Book six, this one, is the first one that I rated two stars. And then I tried to read book seven and couldn’t even finish it. Haven’t even touched book eight. I just. I don’t know what happened. The series is so great, the covers are so great, but this book just kinda flopped.

4. Wish by CLAMP

Wish, Vol. 02 (Wish, #2)CLAMP is one of those ‘you know who this is’ authors of the manga world. If you read manga, you’ve heard of CLAMP. They’re a group of women who write all these different series that tend to intertwine with another every so often. I’m sure there’s a huge CLAMP universe and timeline that I just don’t know about. I’ve read other series by CLAMP and really enjoyed them (like Chobits) but this one was just a swing-and-a-miss for me. And considering it’s a four book series and I couldn’t get passed book two, that’s pretty bad. Looking at the cover, this series seems whimsical and wonderful. And to a point it was, but I just didn’t care about anyone. Nothing interesting happened aside from the little angel character being goofy. Just didn’t like it. Not going to finish the series.

3. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #1)This is another one of those books that I wanted to like and just didn’t. Can’t really say I actively dislike it, I just… it left no opinion on me, I suppose. It’s so pretty, but the inside is so bland. So rather disappointed by this one. I’ve heard her other series is good, though I have yet to pick it up. Honestly I’m hesitant: I heard Shiver was good as well and it turned out to be a bust. Thoughts? Should I? I dun know. D:


2. Rumble by Ellen Hopkins

RumbleIf you follow my blog at all, you know I detested this book. It got a one star rating from me. I’ve given exactly three books this rating in the past, meaning it’s really really hard to get this rating from me. Usually if I dislike a book, I just stop reading. But if a book can trick me into hate-reading it, like this one did, you better bet your butt it’s getting a one star. Buh. This book was meaningless. Here’s my review, if you’re interested

1. Flight by Kazu Kibuishi

Flight Volume One (Flight, #1)Only this one confuses me. This is one of the others that got a one-star from me. I think I hated this one because I just felt so mislead upon finishing it. I expected stories about flight. You know, flight. Flying. Things to do with flying. Flying is interesting, right? It’s INTERESTING. IT’S FLIGHT FOR GOODNESS SAKE. But somehow, this book managed to be boring as hell. It was a graphic novel and it was boring. The pictures about flight weren’t even captivating enough to hold my attention. And this is why I think I hated it so much. It was just such a let-down. Buh, I don’t know. It’s pretty at least.

That’s all! Until next Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Disappointing Eye Candy

    1. Well, I’m glad you liked Shiver. 😀 I wanted to. And I checked out your blog! (though I couldn’t comment since wordpress). I’ve never read ‘Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist’, but I’ve watched the movie – If you’ve seen it, did you like the movie or was that a flop for you as well?


  1. I read Shiver when I was a bit younger and remember enjoying it. I don’t know whether I’ll still hold the same idea but I remembered I liked it 🙂

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