25 Bookish Facts About Me

I’ve seen this tag floating around the book community for a while now and I love reading and watching them. I think it’s so cool that we’re all avid readers and consider ourselves book lovers but approach reading so differently from on another. So I figure I’d throw in my two cents. Since I wasn’t tagged by anyone, I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you would like to do this post, consider yourself tagged by me!

25 Bookish Facts About Me

1. I can’t read in the car. I get car sick really quickly if I try. And I’m talking any kind of reading – a book, a text, anything. So even if I’m sitting in the passenger seat, call me. I won’t answer a text (doubly won’t answer it while driving). It’ll make me hurl. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until I get wherever I’m going.

2. My entire family is made up of readers. My mother reads a lot of fiction, her favorite author is Stephen King. My father reads a lot of nonfiction, his latest obsession is outdoor survival books. My sister reads strictly manga and comics, her favorites include Naruto and Fairy Tail. I have to admire her dedication – Naruto is over 60 volumes long now and still going. She has them all. My grandmother on my father’s side was a reader too. When she’d come visit, she’d just chill on our couch and read the whole time. She’d read to my sister and I too. I feel like both of us were just destined to pick up books from birth.

3. I have a problem where I procrastinate reading. Which is really weird and I don’t like it. I mean, we all procrastinate. We procrastinate stuff we don’t want to do. But I procrastinate reading, something I want to do. Why do I do it? I don’t know. Internet addiction, hopeless lack of self-discipline, I don’t know. But I’ll sit there with a book by me and ignore it, surfing the internet instead, thinking “I’ll read in five minutes” or something like that and I never do. I have to be in a certain mindset to read and I have to break away from my laptop. And so often I don’t read as much as I want to. I’m not sure how to stop it. I’ve tried just banning myself from the internet, but I’ll find something else to distract me. WHY. WHY DO I DO THIS. HELP ME. THIS IS PROBABLY THE DUMBEST THING YOU’VE EVER HEARD.

4. I own more books that I haven’t read than books I have read. I’d say it’s a problem, but I don’t really see it that way. Whenever the world ends, I’ll have stuff to read for years to come. :”D

5. I make myself a nest for reading. In my last post, I mentioned that I prefer reading on a loveseat, which is true. But that loveseat is decked out in blankets and pillows and supplemented with coffee. I actually participated in a readathon challenge earlier this year where I took a picture of my current nest. Aside from the Christmas tree, it’s still the same. So here it is, if you’re interested!

6. I have a bad habit of spoiling myself. I flip ahead. I don’t do it thinking ‘YEAH, GONNA FIND OUT WHO DIES’, but I do it more as a twitch, I guess. Read a few pages, flutter further into the book, try not to actually read during the flutter, fail. WHY DO I DO THIS, I DON’T KNOW MAN.

7. My reading speed varies a lot, depending on what else is going on. During classes (aka now) I’ll be lucky if I get through two books a month. During breaks though, I’ll read so much more. During this past winter break, I read over 25 books. And since, I’ve read 2. TWO.

8. I have no problem not finishing a book. I mean, I give it a fair shot. If it’s still really not jiving with me by half way through, I usually stop. If I do that, I don’t rate it. I can’t justify giving it a one star rating because I don’t know how it ended. It could have had a really good ending for all I know. So unless I’m about 3/4 through or actually finish it and hate it, it usually just gets marked ‘did not finish’ on my goodreads without receiving a rating. My reasoning is that reading is supposed to be fun – I’m not having fun if I’m forcing myself through a book I don’t like.

9. I prefer reading from paperbacks. They’re just more comfy to handle. Especially floppy ones. Waaah, they’re so great.

10. I’m rather lax when it comes to lending out books. I understand stuff happens. Your dog gets to the book? It gets spilled on? Not a big deal. Is it still readable? Don’t worry about it. Did you crack the spine? So did I, no biggie. Is the cover off, are pages ripped out? Then please purchase a new copy for me. If it’s damage that makes the book unreadable, that’s when I want a replacement. Otherwise, I can’t be bothered to care.

11. On that note, if you borrow a book and then never give it back, you’re dead to me. I’ve lent out books to a friend, who then claimed I never gave them the books and never gave them back to me. My volumes 10, 11 and 12 of Death Note are forever lost in the abyss and that ‘friend’ is no longer such. What a butthead. Still haven’t replaced them yet. Will get to it eventually.

12. Also on that note, it takes me forever to read a borrowed book. Don’t worry, you’ll get the book back. I might keep it for months, but I’m conscious that I have it and know I need to get it back to you. If you would want your book back before I read it, take it. I’m not holding it ransom. I’ll just ask to borrow it again whenever I’m ready to actually read it.

13. When I listen to audiobooks, I’m usually playing Candy Crush. It’s a good combination. Keeps my eyeballs and fingers busy as I listen so I don’t just stare off into space. I dig it. On road trips, my companion and I pick a book to listen to together and do so while driving (See!! I’ve found a way to read in the car!! :”D)

14.I can count the times I’ve purchased a hardback at full price on one hand. I’m a broke college student, yo. Amazon, half price books, bookoutlet, they’re all my friends. They’re great.

15. My choices of beverage while reading are tea, coffee and beer depending on what time of day it is. After 5pm and not driving the rest of the day? Totally gonna drunk read. It’s great, let me tell you. Otherwise, I’ll just caffeinate myself.

16. I don’t tab or write-in or mark pages as I read. I know some people like to mark passages they love or annotate or what have you. I don’t. If I really like a quote, I’ll add it on my goodreads. Otherwise, whatevs.

17. My introduction to Harry Potter was my 4th grade teacher reading it to my class. And then an obsession was born. I zoomed through the other three books out at the time, then I bought books 5, 6, and 7 on their release dates over the next few years. I was at the perfect age for Harry Potter and I really appreciate that.

18. I used to own all the Goosebumps book when I was younger, but then my 12-year-old self decided I was ‘too old’ for them and gave them away to charity. WHY DID I DO THAT. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH ME.

19. My best reading year ever was 2015, where I read 110 books. And that would be thanks to this blog. I’ve always considered myself a reader, but I averaged about 20 books a year, not 110. Definitely not complaining, though.

20. I’m a habitual lurker in book blogs and booktube. I rarely comment. If I follow you and you post something and you don’t see me like or comment on it, odds are I still read it. I just… forget to hit the like or comment buttons sometimes. No clue why. @@ But I’m reading your stuff, I promise.

21. My instagram is basically just books (and cats and nail art and coffee and metal concerts). But mostly books. So if you’re ever wondering what book I own, you can probably see most of them in the pictures I post. Actually, I’m moving next week so they’ll all be in one room again for the first time in years. Guess who’s gonna go picture crazy. Time’s up, it’s me.

22. I read multiple books at once, but I do so using a stack data structure. For those unfamiliar with a stack structure in coding, picture a stack of dinner plates at a buffet. You put one on top and the whole stack sinks down a bit, right? The plate on top has to come off first. The ones that have been there the longest come off last. That’s how I read books. I’ll start a book, and then I’ll start another. I have to finish the newest book before reverting back to the previous one. Sometimes I’ll have stacks of multiple books going. Currently, there are three books on my stack. Leviathan Wakes by James S. A. Corey, The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen and Life as We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer. Started Leviathan Wakes first, then slowly picked up the other two. My brain will make me finish the most recent first, then the next, and only then will I be able to go back to Leviathan Wakes. Why do I read this way? Haven’t the foggiest. But that’s why books sit on my ‘Currently reading’ shelf for ages. Because I technically am ‘currently reading’ them, they’re just on the bottom of the stack.

23. I read while I play video games. My main game right now (and for the past four years) has been Sid Meier’s Civilization V. It’s a turn-based strategy game that is probably my favorite game ever. You build your civilization from the ancient era all the way up through 2050. Each play through is completely different, which is why I’ve been playing it so long. It’s re-play-ability is the best I’ve ever seen. Usually, I have a game going with friends, and when it’s not my turn, I read. We sit on skype playing and they can probably hear me turning pages and cursing at characters while they’re invading my lands with their troops. It’s fun. :”D Multitasking, yay.

24. I’ll often listen to music while I read. And it can have lyrics, that doesn’t bother me. But the music either has to be so soft that I can’t make out the lyrics or at has to be super loud. The middle-ground between those two makes for a big distraction for me for some reason. No idea.

25. The final fact! When traveling, I’ll take more books with me than I’ll ever get to. For instance, this past summer, I went to a beach house with my SO and his family. Took four books. Read a total of 150 pages the whole time. I like having choices, I guess. I’ll leave other things I should be taking behind if it means my books will fit in my bag. It’s a problem, but I’m not that motivated to fix it. πŸ˜›

So that’s it! Do you know how hard it was coming up with those?! Goodness! It was a lot of fun though, so I highly recommend you give it a try! Happy reading!

9 thoughts on “25 Bookish Facts About Me

  1. I obsessively play Candy Crush too! I do it often when I’m watching TV and I can’t read in the car either. Ugh, Death Note was the bomb-diggity, I loved it so much that I read the B.B. Murder Files.

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    1. So that wasn’t quite 30 mins but oh well.
      Completely agree with 3 and 4. Also 6, I used to, but recently have stopped myself πŸ˜›
      There’s probably more I could say but I’ll leave it there πŸ˜›


  2. I understand the stupidity of giving away books you love because you’re too old for them. I did that with a couple of books by Brian Jacques that were on the top 10 of my favorite books ever, because I was too old to own them. Now they are out of print and I want them back.

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