St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag! (Original!)

Hello! Shivii @browneyedmusings and I have created another tag! Hopefully you’ll find these questions entertaining! I’ve linked Shivii’s original post above as well, so be sure to check it out!

Seven questions, simple and sweet:

End of the rainbow: What book did you have a hard time tracking down a copy of?

Sea of Ghosts (The Gravedigger Chronicles, #1)For me, that would be Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell. If you’re familiar with me and my blog, then you know that The Deepgate Codex is one of my favorite series ever. Alan Campbell, who wrote that, also wrote another series called The Gravedigger Chronicles. Sea of Ghosts is the first book in that series. I originally heard about it years ago, but then found out it was never published in the United States – it was a European release only. So I looked online for it, couldn’t find a copy that didn’t have a heavy import price tagged onto it. And then one day in Half Price Books, I came across it by chance. I about peed.

Pot of gold: When you found that book, was it worth the quest?

Definitely! I found it for five dollars in near perfect condition! You can’t beat that! I was on cloud nine for days!

Celebrating a rich heritage: Name a book that contained a well-developed culture

The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns, #1)The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson I feel had a really cool, really in-depth culture. It has elements of a Latina culture and has a well-developed religion that further enriches the lives of people in the story. I really liked how the people and places were influenced by everything around them. (It was a really enjoyable read too)


Shamrock Shakes: what’s your favorite food to snack on while reading?

Cadbury Mini Eggs. Man, those things are dangerous. You eat one, then two, then suddenly the whole bag is gone and you’re in a coma with the book over your forehead, chocolate oozing out the sides of your mouth and your throat releasing the most grumbly of groans.

They’re delicious, I tell ya.

Leprechaun: do you own a rare/collector’s copy of a book?

I don’t own a collector’s copy, but I do own a rare book. I have a psychology manual written in the late 1800s. It’s really cool, but kind of scary – they knew so much but at the same time, didn’t. Some of the stuff was spot on, but other stuff was way, way, way off. It’s a really cool book to leaf through and see how society’s view on things have changed.

Here’s a picture!

Four Leaf Clover: Name a book you thought would be ‘just another generic book’, but turned out to be something great.

Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)I was betting Easy by Tammara Webber would be la-dee-da and nothing new, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has a good storyline, a good lead and a positive message. It stresses consent and the power to choose. I loved it! It definitely surprised me.



Irish Whiskey: what’s your favorite tradition of St. Patty’s Day?

The Shamrock Shakes because I’m an oink and not Irish enough to tell people to kiss me.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed and if I don’t tag you below and would like to do this tag, feel welcome! I only ask that you link back here so I can read your post!

I tag:

Orang-utan LibrarianNora
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Do it peer pressure.

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