What Makes Me Happy

Hello! This post was inspired by PeruseProject’s video and I really liked the idea of it. So it’s not really book related, but bear with me. With the results in the US Presidential election, this country I live in is looking pretty bleak. Whether you live here or not, whether you dislike the candidate or not, there’s definitely a feeling of ‘eeeehhhh’ that you have to be picking up on if you’ve heard anything about US politics recently.

Personally, I’m in the middle of it. I’m in a swing state that swung to the candidate I didn’t want when the county I live in reported its votes. Yeah. My county was a huge reason my state flipped. Buh.

So, whether we agree politically or not, whether you live in the US or not, I’m going to also just go through some small things that make me happy in the face of this… turn of events. And I hope that you’re inspired to do the same, regardless of whether you feel any turmoil about things or not. It’s always nice to think about happy things. πŸ™‚

The little music purr my cat does when you touch her tail. She makes this purr sound but kinda meows with her mouth shut so it sounds like a short musical note purr. It’s too cute and she does it almost without fail when her tail is petted.

Getting my code to run with no errors. If you’ve ever coded anything before, you know the feeling of elation I’m talking about. If you haven’t coded, imagine setting up a complex line of dominoes with loops and dips and chain reactions and all sorts of things. Imagine doing practice runs over and over and somewhere, inevitably, you run into a problem and you have to reset the whole thing… Then, after hours of tinkering and playing and aligning things, you knock over that first domino and all of them fall perfectly. Everything goes off without a hitch. Hours of work put into it and it finally paid off.

That’s what it’s like getting code to work. I love that feeling.

Finding out someone plays the same video game as me. I always get so excited when I found out that a person is as obsessed with Civilization games as I am. I love talking strategy and really can only do it with people who play it enough to know how much goes into it.

My SO’s damn puns. Dad jokes. Dumb rhymes. Everything. And then that innocent ‘deer in the headlights’ look he gives me after he cracks them, waiting to see if I’ll catch on. I love those.

Putting fluffy PJs on right after shaving my legs. It’s so soft man, it’s so cuddly. It’s so lovely and warm and comfy and wonderful.

Buying a book without having to double-check my finances. Once in a blue moon, I actually have the money to impulse-buy a book without having to plan it out and save for it. Usually upon getting a bonus at work, which happens again, once in a blue moon. Love grabbing it off the shelf with a sold ‘This baby is MINE’ and buying it and walking out of the store with it.

Putting up a Christmas tree. It makes me feel so warm and happy and lovey. I love Christmas all around, but this is one of my favorite parts.

Painting my nails. It’s one of my few creative outlets that I still do. I used to draw, I used to paint… but I still do my nails and paint doodles and all sorts of things on them. These are my current ones – I did them yesterday. :”D Thanksgiving, ftw.


Cooking new food. Pinterest is my buddy. Here‘s my page, if you’re interested. I post lots and lots of recipes and other things. I love trying the recipes out – my SO is the perfect guinea pig. Whether or not it turns out well, it’s fun trying it. :”D

So that’s an abbreviated list of things that make me happy and I’m hoping they can help keep me going. If you’d like to make a post like this, go for it. And then let me know so I can read it!

Happy reading. :”D

4 thoughts on “What Makes Me Happy

  1. Wow your nails look fantastic!!! Love them! Also- sadly I don’t know the joys of getting a code right- my best friend’s does it for a living and she only ever comes to me with stories of how it’s gone badly wrong- makes me laugh though! πŸ˜‰

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