Nanowrimo 2016 Wrap Up – Blogmas 12/2

NaNoWriMo 2016 Participant Banner

So, as I’ve mentioned, I kinda buried my Nano novel this year. My goal was to combine novel writing with coding for a couple projects I had to get through. Well, I vastly overestimated how many words I’d get from the coding and vastly underestimated the time it would take me to type those words. So I didn’t get much time to actually write fiction. Most of the ‘novel’ is code, and even then, the word count is not what it’s supposed to be. :”D

Total ‘words’: 11325.

Yep, didn’t even get half way. Didn’t even get a quarter of the way. Here’s how the daily count breaks down:


So as you see, I was on track for the first three days are so – that was when I was still writing the fiction bit of the wordcount. And then you see a jump around day 8 when I copied in my first chunk of code. And  that was when I figured that copying code as I made it wouldn’t really be accurate, so I decided to wait until the last day and then copy in all the code at once. So that’s that last jump you see from the 30th.

All the other days that are stand-still… I was coding. Not too many words of coding apparently, but that’s what I was doing. I haven’t actually touched the fiction since day 3 or 4. I still have it and hopefully will continue it eventually, but buh. Coding is hard. 😦

I’ve participated in Nanowrimo every year since 2009 or so. And the only two years where I’ve actually won were when I was not in college and was working instead. Homework takes up too much time. When it’s just work and then that’s it, I seem to do better. Hopefully next year will follow this pattern – I’ll be employed by then (in theory).

I hope you all had a fun nanowrimo this year, whether you won or lost! Happy writing. 😀

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