2017 Reading Goals

Hello! Time for the annual ‘Gonna try to do this’ post. I’ve done one of these every year since I started my blog towards the end of 2014 and every year I’m all optimistic about it. And then every year I inevitably fail about half the goals (woot). So here’s to another year of ‘Good Enough’. :”D

Seriously though, gonna really try to accomplish these, but I’m not gonna beat myself up about it.

Complete a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 Books

I did this last year and accomplished it as of two or three days ago. It’s definitely challenging for me, but doable. I dig it. (One year I did 110 books and achieved it – no idea how I did that. 50 is plenty good for me).

Count how many books I own and determine how many are not yet read

I do have a bit of help with this one – I have an ‘Owned’ shelf on goodreads, so I have an approximate number of the books I have. I just need to go through and make sure it’s up to date… and then I need to go through and determine which of those haven’t been read yet. I’m afraid, people. I’m afraid.

Maybe I’ll film the books as I go to motivate me. Bookshelf tour, yay. I NEED TO GET SOME DECENT LIGHTING.

Discard books I don’t like or lose interest in reading

This is a goal I had and achieved last year – it feels good to purge books that I have negative or no feelings for. It keeps my collection of books as something I’m happy to call part of me.

Read all of the books on my 17 in 2017 list

This sounds like an obvious one, but it’s never been a goal before for me. I’ve made these lists every year but I never made it a goal to actually complete them. Why, I don’t know. But I want to do it this year. I’m thinking I’ll put the names of the books in a jar and draw out one or two a month to read. (Except for Kiss of Deception, which I’ll be buddy reading with Acey)

So that’s it – these are my goals for the year. Hopefully, ideally, I will achieve all of them. We’ll see. 2017 is gonna be… it’s gonna be an interesting year. Yeesh.

21 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals

  1. I’m a big fan of a book clear out, I try to only keep physical copies of books that I’m totally in love with – it does clutter up my kindle with unread Ebooks, but I still count that as a success! 😂 Good luck with all your goals!

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  2. Bookshelf tour! Yeahie! Lol
    I keep track of mine using the Book Collectorz app, but it’s something you have to pay for. Well worth it though. It made me realize I own over 700 books but have read only 200 or so. 😳
    I recently purged some I didn’t like or would never read. I didn’t like the experience though. I don’t like getting rid of books.


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