Top 5 Books That Betrayed Me, THOSE FIENDS.

Top 5 Wednesday

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IT’S CAMEL DAY AGAIN and I’m on spring break and still procrastinating doing a coding project. I’m such a stellar student, yo. By the way, I accepted a salary position as a software developer that I’ll start the Monday after graduation (woo, health insurance!) buuuut because of that, my motivation to pass my classes with anything more than a ‘C’ has gone seriously downhill. It’s really bad yo. It’s like senioritis on steroids.

So here I am instead talking about dastardly books 😀 If you’d like to participate in T5W, here is the link to do so!

5. Weaveworld by Clive Barker

WeaveworldThis one is the most recent book that smashed my hopes and dreams. I borrowed this book from my mother – it’s one of her favorite books and the plot sounded really neat. It’s about a hidden world that exists in a carpet. It’s full of magic and neat creatures and all sorts of stuff. So, unsurprisingly, I went into it with pretty high hopes. Well, I ended up DNFing this book. It was so slow, so boring. The characters didn’t matter to me. The magical carpet was there, but I only knew it was there because I was told about it, told that it was so great. Sure there were scenes in the carpet, but even then, I was told about them. This is where the ‘show don’t tell’ comes to light. I didn’t feel submersed.

I still haven’t told my mother I couldn’t finish it. Apparently she had a largely different reading experience than I did. I don’t wanna disappoint her, aaauuuugh.

4. Rest by Mark Powers

Rest, Volume 1This was a two-star graphic novel for me and the reason for that is a simple one: I loved this all the way up until a single panel. That single panel betrayed me, it ruined me, it caused me to cry out in agony at the awfulness of it. Otherwise man, this book was great. The plot was neat, the characters were neat, the art was neat. The whole thing was neat. But then the whole ‘I need a way to wrap up the plot but don’t actually have one so I will use this trope’ popped up and MY BRAIN LIQUEFIED AND OOZED OUT MY EARS LIKE TOOTHPASTE. I still haven’t forgiven it.


3. Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Life As We Knew It (Last Survivors, #1)I had such high hopes about this one going in. It follows a young girl and her family after a comet hits the moon, knocking it closer to the Earth and causing all sorts of natural disasters. It’s the textbook definition of a post-apocalyptic book without all the ‘now the world is ended let’s make cults’ tropes that always happen. So I was excited. But what did it turn out to be about? This thirteen year old being super selfish and her mom injuring herself twice the same way. It was awful. The issues were petty considering their surroundings. You think they would have been concerned with more important things.


2. Prodigy by Marie Lu

Prodigy (Legend, #2)This is the second book in Lu’s Legend trilogy. I’m pointing out the second book specifically because it made me never want to read the third book. Up until this book, I liked this series. It was sitting at about a 3.5 star level for me – so good, I liked it. I was digging it. But then the events at the end of the second book happened and the realization that the author was using the ‘I only have plot for two books but I want to write three, so I’m going to invent a plot twist at the end of book two to get a third book in there’ trope made me soooo mad. It was such a dumb twist man. I have no interest in reading the third book. Like, at all.


1. Rumble by Ellen Hopkins

RumbleThis book. This book, man. If you remember, this book was everywhere a year or two ago. It focuses around a young man who’s an atheist that hears this mysterious rumble that supposedly has divine origins. Cool right? A whole religious-exploration paranormally kinda book. Neat! And it was in verse which was new to me, so I hopped into it.

This book was awful. IT WAS AWFUL. I ended up hate-reading it and then writing a rant afterwards. I don’t even know how I finished it honestly. I went back and read my rant and just thought to myself “Why did I even waste my time”. Here’s the rant, if you’re interested. It describes in detail every single thing I hated about this book. It was such a stab in the heart, in the back, in the brain. It’s such a fiend.

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