June Currently Reading

June Currently Reading

I made a new banner theme! It’s coffee in medieval times now. Thanks to Analee for writing a post about how to create neato banners. Maybe at some point I’ll make it fancier, but for now, it’s caffeine and swirly writing and I’m happy with it. Woot. :”D

At the moment, I’m reading four books, though I’ll likely pick up a few manga in between them. Yesterday, my friend lent me about fifty volumes of it, so I’ll buzz through that too at some point.

But for books:

The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

The Broken Eye (Lightbringer, #3)I think this was on my Currently Reading from last month as well. It’s a chunker of a book, so it’s taking me a while. The third book in the Lightbringer series, it’s proving itself just as good as its predecessors. I wrote a blabber on the first book in the series, if you’re interested. This series is becoming one of my favorites. Ever. It’s just so good – it’s funny, it’s action-packed, it’s well thought-out. I love it!


Ship of Destiny by Robin Hobb

Ship of Destiny (Liveship Traders, #3)I picked this one up last week and am currently about six chapters into it (I need to read another today :”D). This one I’m buddy reading with Zezee with Books – we’ve been slowly buzzing through Hobb’s books now – this is the sixth one in her Realm of the Elderlings series, the third in the Liveship Traders trilogy. So we’re what… nearly half way through the Elderings Realm books? Ish? Somethin’ like that.



A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)I had started reading this a while ago and put it aside – I was reading too many books and kept having to restart this bugger because I would forget what was happening. I’ve now picked it up on audiobook though, so I’m getting about 13 hours a week of listening in – it’s still gonna take a while to finish it though – it’s a really really long audiobook. I’ll get there though. And then I can be on the ‘Winds of Winter’ bandwagon with the rest of ’em.


Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting by Ed Greenwood

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Forgotten Realms)As usual, still flipping through this. I’ll mark it ‘read’ at some point, most likely when I’ve read all the passages I find interesting. I dig it so far – it’s helping me flesh out my gnome. :”D





And that’s it! Happy reading! :”D

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11 thoughts on “June Currently Reading

  1. 50 volumes of a manga, huh? Which one? I haven’t picked up a new manga, or even kept reading my current manga or web comics because I am stuck under an ever growing pile of books haha. I should take a day to catch up in all my comics.


  2. I’m also currently reading (well, listening to) The Broken Eye – it is taking ages because it really is a chunker of a book, but I still love it!! Are you listening to the audiobook or reading it? I particularly love with the character of The White in this book. She’s just such a brilliant, interesting person and while I’ve always respected her, I’ve warmed to her in this book in a way I haven’t in the previous books (so far anyway… I’m only a third of the way through it!).

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    1. This is actually the first book I’ve read – the first two I listened to on audio. I was hesitant to actually read it because I wasn’t sure the humor would come across as well without that fantastic narrator. But it totally does. 😀

      And me too! I’m not too far yet so don’t mention anything, but I can see why she’s such a great character!

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      1. Ah yes I won’t spoil anything, don’t worry! There wasn’t any specific event that made me think that, just her character in general.

        Cool to know it’s just as good when reading it as well! I find it very hard to swap formats during a series – once I start on audio I feel like I have to finish on audio, and same goes for hard copies. Unfortunately that means I can rarely compare the two experiences properly. The only series where I switched was Mistborn, because someone gifted me the trilogy in hard copy when I was 2 books in, so it seemed silly to buy the last audiobook. In the end I think I enjoyed reading it just as much as listening to it though!

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