The TBR of Terror: My entire physical TBR


Guess who finally counted up all the books I own but haven’t read yet. Time’s up, it’s me.

I’ll start with the statement that I’ve read over 50% of the books I own. 53% to be exact. I own a lot of books – I’ve been buying them since I was in grade school. I’d go through bouts of buying tons at a time, then bouts of buying none for a year. It all depended on my job status.

Recently, I made this post stating that I’d be putting a stop to my recent spree of buying books in hopes of increasing the percentage of books that I own and have actually read.

And in that post, I also stated that I had the goal to count up my physical TBR and determine exactly how many books I have that I haven’t read yet, vs ones I have that I have read. I’ve done that.

Today I present to you my physical TBR:


Some of the covers might be different than the ones I own, but the books are all the same.

313 books. I have 313 unread books. I’ve got a lot of reading to do, yo. If there are any listed above that you feel I should get to pronto or feel that I should take a second to consider if I should even read it, do let me know.

Happy reading, friends.

12 thoughts on “The TBR of Terror: My entire physical TBR

  1. Haha! This kinda looks like torture cause it would be torture for me. I probably read as much of the books I own and have as much to go.
    I recommend reading You by Caroline Kepnes first. If you have it on audiobook, you’ll get through it super fast if you like the story. If not, you still will get through it quickly if you like the story. So yea, that one first.


  2. The only one I’m surprised you haven’t read yet is Mistborn. It’s so iconic for me, so I’m always surprised when I find someone who hasn’t read it. That said, our bookshelves have a lot in common we both need to get around to.

    If I could advise caution for any of the books here it would be The Maze Runner, but specifically the sequels. The first book is a very good start, but the second became almost monotonous, while the third is just….weird. I couldn’t make it through the second book and read the end of the third, but my wife read through all three and confirmed it wasn’t just me and they didn’t get any better.

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    1. I knoooow I get that reaction every time someone learns I haven’t read it yet. It’s on my list, hahaha.

      I’ve heard as much about this series, too. I keep waiting for myself to fall into the ‘ya dystopian’ mood before I read it in hopes of me enjoying it more. I figure if I find the first good but not the second, I’ll just stop there and pawn off the books to a friend or someone who would like them.


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