September Wrap Up | ’17

August Wrap Up(1)

Happy almost-October! And you know what October means! That’s right! Delicious beers for everyone.

In fact, yesterday my work had a beer exchange – 24 of us went in with a case of beer each and swapped, grabbing one of everyone else’s beer. We each left with essentially a two-dozen-beer sampler of fall deliciousness.

I brought Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (which… if you like pumpkin or beer at all, this is definitely one of the better pumpkin beers)

Why am I talking so much about beer? Because I didn’t actually finish any books this month, therefore have no books to talk about. ๐Ÿ˜€ Oop.

I’ll tell you what though, son. Give you a tiny preview. I’m about 2/3rds through The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, and it’s driving me crazy. I’m already writing out the ranting review I’ll have for it. Yeesh. IT’S SO RIDICULOUS.

Onto fantasy bingo and blog activity

r/Fantasy Bingo 2017

Iโ€™m the template provided by Millenium_Dodo here, which you can as well if youโ€™re participating. ๐Ÿ˜€


Blog Activity

12 posts including this one โ€“ Yeah buddy

Reading Goals

Progress on 17 in 2017:

  1. A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin โ€“ Complete!
  2. The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson โ€“ Complete!
  3. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss โ€“ Complete!
  4. Calibanโ€™s War by James S. A. Corey
  5. The Traitor Comorant Baru by Seth Dickinson โ€“ Complete!
  6. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
  7. The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
  8. Weaveworld by Clive Barker โ€“ Complete!
  9. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas
  10. Dragon Wing by Margaret Weis
  11. 14 by Peter Clines โ€“ Complete!
  12. A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki โ€“ Complete!
  13. The Edge of the World by Kevin J Anderson
  14. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
  15. The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness โ€“ Complete!
  16. Harry Potter and the Sorcererโ€™s Stone (illustrated) by J. K. Rowling โ€“ Complete!
  17. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (illustrated) by J. K. Rowling

Progress on 2017 Reading Goals:

Complete a Goodreads Reading Challenge of 50 Books: 37/50

Count how many books I own and determine how many are not yet read โ€“ Was complete, need to do again.

Discard books I donโ€™t like or lose interest in reading โ€“ None

Read all of the books on my 17 in 2017 list โ€“ 9/17

And thatโ€™s it! Happy reading!

18 thoughts on “September Wrap Up | ’17

  1. Ahoy there matey! I can’t wait to read yer rant on Rothfuss book two. I loved the first one and was excited fer the second and then had major issues. I don’t drink beer but the idea of the beer swap was kinda awesome.
    x The Captain

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    1. The beer swap was indeed awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

      And good! I’m glad I’m not the only one who think this book is less than stellar, haha. Goodreads avg rating is above a 4.5 and I cannot fathom why.


  2. I saw your beer pics on instagram and I want it aaaalllll!!! Such a good idea, this exchange! I’m a fan of ‘weird’ beer flavours (we germans drink banana beer – actually we probably mix everything with beer..) and that would be so exciting!

    Cant wait for your rant ๐Ÿ˜€ i loved the wise man’s fear but i can see why people would not haha

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  3. “Count how many books I own and determine how many are not yet read โ€“ Was complete, need to do again.”
    I created a shelf on Goodreads for those; not an “optional” shelf; but actually a fixed one instead of “want to read” where they were first on. Now I just add them to my “owned-tbr” and that way I can always see how many I have left [or, more realistically: added] that at that moment. Started the month with 137, currently at 134 [2 read and 1 currently reading], whoop.

    Might be an option for you too, haha. ๐Ÿ˜€

    & good luck with all the challenges! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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    1. I’ve actually done that since then, haha. In my Sept wrap-up, I guess I just forgot to update that bit, haha. I used a skeleton and that was in there from August.

      I’ve actually done exactly what you suggested. ๐Ÿ˜€ My TBR is gigantic so I’ve put myself on a ban ’til after Christmas. It’s been going for about a month now and I haven’t given in to temptation yet, haha. Wish me luck.


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      1. Haha, alright! Even better that way!

        I have the same thing. I set myself the goal of decreating my physical TBR down to 100 by the end of the year, but then I realized I had multiple book-orders that still had to arrive.. So I’m seriously drowning in my TBR by now. They still haven’t all arrived yet.. *cries*

        Guess we both need all the luck!

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      2. Oh Jesus Christ. My boyfriend would seriously kill me if I’d let it get that far. xD On the other hand, he just went “Well, 130 isn’t so bad then” so you saved my day, haha. xD


      3. You’re welcome, hahaha! xD Over the past year when I would buy a book, my husband would just roll his eyes. When I told him I was banning myself he blurt out ‘OH THANK GOODNESS’. He’s a trooper, hahaha.

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      4. Mine’s already freaking out as soon as HE spots a bookstore. So obviously, I always know when there’s one around I didn’t spot yet.. :’D I don’t even mention banning myself anymore.. He’s on my case as soon as I’d just look at a book; not even pick it up! So I’m always on “silent book buying bans” that obviously.. never.. last.. long.. Oops.

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