GetGraphic Readathon TBR

GetGraphic Readathon

Hello! Last week, I made a post about my participation in the GetGraphic readathon that’s coming up on October 6th! Today I’ll be posting my TBR. 😀

If you’d like more detail about the dates and challenges, check out Sam’s announcement video for all the details.

As of today, I’ve completed one of the instagram challenges (today’s isn’t up yet I don’t think), so I’m on track so far. :”D


I’m going to try to complete the all the challenges associated with this thing as well.

1. Read from a new-to-you series: Descenders vol 1 by Jeff Lemire
2. Read two installments of the same series: Attack on Titan vols 13 and 14 by Hajime Isayama
3. Read a work over 300 pages: Blankets by Craig Thompson
4. Read a work with black and white art: (fulfilled by choices for 2 and 5)
5. Read a work picked out by a friend: Merman in my Tub by Itokichi
6. Read at least 5 works.

Descender, Vol. 1: Tin StarsAttack on Titan, Volume 13Attack on Titan, Volume 14BlanketsMerman in My Tub, Vol. 1 (Merman in My Tub, #1)

If I get done with these, which I might, I’ll likely continue ‘Merman’ if I like it. My friend who recommended it to me literally lent me a huge bag full of manga. There are probably thirty volumes in there of various series I need to work though, so that’ll be my goal.

If you’re participating in the readathon, let me know! Happy reading!

13 thoughts on “GetGraphic Readathon TBR

  1. Whoop! I’m also participating and I’m looking forward to it so much, haha.
    It’ll be my first time ever reading manga. I literally never read any graphic novel / manga, like ever and then my boyfriend gave me the complete box set of Death Note and bought the first two parts of Fairy Tail. What better way to read them then during a readathon, right?
    I’m so curious to find out if manga’s something I’ll end up loving or not. :’)

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    1. Awesome!

      Ahhhh I’m so jealous! What I wouldn’t give to be able to read Death Note for the first time again. It was definitely an experience. I feel like Death Note has one of the most solidly good plot development and endings that I’ve read. I really hope you like it! (You’ll have to let me know if you do. :D)

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      1. Haha, you’re like the first one to be so enthusiastic about it! Most of my friends went “Why in hell’s name are you going to read manga all of a sudden?!”
        Honestly, I’ve been looking forward to reading them, simply because it’s completely different than reading a regular book! That alone is plenty of reason to have a review up as soon as I’ve read them! 😀

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      2. I’m glad you are! I’ve been reading manga since I was 14 or 15, and I’ve always gotten giddy when I hear someone is trying to bread into the genre. 🤓 I’ll definitely have to check out that review when you write it!

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      3. I can imagine! I do think I’ll get in book budget trouble if I find out I like it. Especially when it comes to Fairy Tail. I haven’t even found the guts yet to google how many novels there are for that one.. Over 50? :’D

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      4. Something like that. My sister collects that one and likes to brag that she owns series that are longer than any that I own, hahaha. She lets me borrow though, so I can’t complain, hehe.

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      5. I guess that’s one advantage of manga.. Ridiculously long series, haha.
        My brother doesn’t read at all; my boyfriend always starts a book but stops reading halfway through. And my mom just comes over to “borrow” my books – I still have to check how many of them she has in her bookcase now. So I’m pretty much on my own when it comes to buying them.


      6. My sister until very recently read only manga. I got her to read Harry Potter last year though and now she’s affluent buzzing through my book collection haha

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      7. The magic of Harry Potter! It’s been years since I’ve reread them all.. [Not counting the illustrated versions I read this year].
        Aaaand I suddenly know what else to put on my Challenge list for 2018, haha!

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  2. This seems a really nice challenge! My October is all booked up so I can’t really partecipate but it’s a great idea, it seems fun and I wish you good luck! 🙂
    Also your readings seem interesting 🙂

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