How I proposed to my husband: A gummy bear’s story of betrayal


Hello! Story time today. Today’s post was supposed to be cookies, but I haven’t bought them yet, let along baked them. So I figured I would do a story instead. I’m fairly sure I haven’t told it on here before.

At the time, I was rather uh… distraught about it, but a year later, it’s kind of a running joke. ._.

So if you’re considering proposing to your significant other and are worried that it’ll get fudged up, don’t worry: If I can get away with the following and still have it work out, so can you. 😛

This story took place last year at the end of 2016. I had decided I wanted to propose about four months before I actually did. I fished around for ideas on what to propose with but came up with nothing – he’s not a jewelry person so a ring was out. I subtly asked him his opinion on watches and he said he wouldn’t wear one, so that wasn’t an option either. So I decided to give something small and symbolic to propose with and to give him a more official gift later.

The first thing I ever bought him when we started dating back in 2012 was a bag of gummy bears. He loves the things. It’s almost an obsession. Sooo I decided to put a gummy bear in a ring box and have at it. I know he’d get the symbolism so it seemed like a good idea at the time…

I get the bears and borrow a ring box. Morning of, I was determined. This was the Saturday after Thanksgiving that this happened. My plan was to ask him over breakfast… but he had a stomach ache, so the mood wasn’t right. Then, I changed my plan to taking him out later for dinner that evening, surprising him with a couple of his friends from out of town being there as well and pop the question there. But the restaurant was really, really noisy and didn’t exactly make the right mood either. So the friend surprise worked but I didn’t ask him there. We went home, got under blankets and played video games and cuddled. Perfect mood! I started prepping myself, but then he announced he was tired and going to bed.

SO NOW laying in bed in the dark staring at the ceiling. The only light in the room was his face, which was glowing a dull blue, because he was playing on his tablet. I was still determined to ask that day because I knew I’d lose my nerve otherwise. I had tied the bear into the box with a ribbon at this point and it was sitting at the foot of my nightstand. My nerves were shot and I was stressed.

I thought ‘eff it’. I turned the lamp on, sat up, grabbed the box and turned towards him. He looked really confused, his face still blue, when I opened the box and asked him to marry me. He was silent, looking back and forth between me and the box. At this point I felt something was wrong and looked down at the box myself. It was empty.

The bear had fallen out. I had asked him to marry me with an empty box.

At this point, my nerves snapped. I started bawling. Like, baaaawwling. He understandably gets the deer in the headlights look, just staring at me as I’m fishing around in the damn blankets for the damn bear. I finally find the little proposal-ruiner and hold it out to him, still bawling. He’s silent.

And then his eyes bug out. He realizes I’m being serious. Yes ladies and gents, he thought I was pulling his leg.

He starts stammering. I’m still crying, harder now because ‘THIS WAS AN AWFUL IDEA YOU’RE TERRIBLE AT PLANNING THINGS’ is now repeating over and over in my head. He finally nods, still too struck to say anything.

Cue me crying even harder, because now I’m happy. He hugs me and my addled brain starts going nuts. So between sobs I start yelling ‘I thought it’d be cute!’ over and over. I can’t seem to just calm myself down. He just holds me while I cry my embarrassment out.

When I finally stop crying, I ask ‘Are you sure?’ He just smiles, says yes, smooches and gives me a hug, like he was saying ‘Oh Emily you weirdo’. Sigh.

And you know what the worst part was?!

Eventually he picks up the gummy bear and looks at it. And he goes, “What did you want me to do with it, keep it? It might mold.” And I shake my head and go, “Well I kinda wanted you to eat it.”

He was silent. I looked at him, and he said, “I can’t, my stomach still hurts.”

So I ate that little betrayer. Bit its head off.

So that was a year ago. We’ve been married since August and I’d say it’s going rather well. I still hate gummy bears. They’re vindictive and nobody seems to believe me.

And that’s it for today. Cookie post will happen eventually. Until tomorrow! 😀

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