Fantasy Bingo 2018!

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This year’s Fantasy Bingo card has been released!

Every year, r/Fantasy over on reddit hosts a year-long bingo challenge, starting April 1st and ending March 31st of the following year. It’s still plenty early, so you can totally go for it!

The bingo challenge is exactly what it sounds like: A bingo card is released, each square having a prompt for a fantasy/speculative fiction novel to read. The goal is to completely fill the card by March 31st, reading a book that matches each prompt.

Here is the list to the full rules. There’s a hard mode introduced this year too, for the super ambitious readers. All of it is detailed out in the official post, so check it out!

And without further ado, here is the bingo card for this year:

A couple of these subjects I’m super excited about, and a couple I’m not sure if I own a book for yet. There is also another post with a list of suggestions for prompts from other participants, in case you need some ideas. I’ll be posting a few posts soon with ideas of my own, likely one row at a time like I did last year. Coming up with books that fill the prompts is one of my favorite parts!

Anyways, if you decide you want to participate, let me know!! I’d love to have some bingo buddies!

Happy reading!


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