Fantasy Bingo 2018 – Third Row Picks

Today is another post talking about the books that I’m considering using for each of the bingo squares in r/Fantasy’s 2018 Bingo Challenge, which I made a post about with all the details. If you’re participating, do let me know!

First Row PicksSecond Row Picks

Third Row:


Subgenre: Historical Fantasy or Alternate History. Hard Mode: Historical Fantasy that is NOT set in the UK OR Alternate History that is NOT set in the USA. I’m currently rereading Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series and since we can use one reread on this thing, this might make the bill. Otherwise:

Fantasy Novel published in 2018. Hard Mode: Also a debut novel. I know exactly what book I’m reading for this. It comes out in October!

Novel featuring a protagonist who is a writer, artist or musician (Not Kingkiller Chronicles). Hard Mode: Magic is somehow linked to writing/art/music or their ability with it. I have one here I think I could use.

Novel featuring a mountain setting. Hard mode: Not only features a mountain but the inside of a mountain – your protagonists explore caves, live in a city under a mountain, etc.

2017 r/Fantasy Top Novels List. Hard Mode: Choose from the bottom half of the list. Here is a link to the list!

And that’s it! This row I think is going to give me trouble. I could only come up with one for more than one prompt, goodness. Happy reading!

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