Top 5 ideal mashups

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Happy Hump Day!

Today’s rewind topic is top five ideal mashups, which was the prompt from April 18th of this year. (hush I was slumpy)

These are in no particular order

A Monster Calls meets Spirited Away

Can you imagine how whimsically dark this could get?! I’m getting shivers just thinking about it!

Fullmetal Alchemist meets Treasure Planet

Imagine the immense plot of FMA being set in a world similar to the steampunk of treasure planet. It’d be soooo great

Supernatural meets Mulan

I love Supernatural. I do. I just think it’d be cooler with a neato protagonist like Mulan.

The Liveship Traders meets Pirates of the Caribbean

I’d love to see Jack go up against Kennit, man.

Fringe meets Sherlock

These are two of my all-time favorite shows, each very strong in their own way. The only thing better would be to see them mixed. I’ve love to see how Walter Bishop and Sherlock worked together… or drove each other crazy. Because let’s face it sometimes they’re way too similar.

And that’s it for today! Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Top 5 ideal mashups

      1. It would be so good šŸ˜€
        Paragon trying to chat up the Black Pearl and being all offended when she’s not responding lol. Amber just randomly walking around confusing people. Jack trying to hit on Amber. Someone needs to make this show!

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  1. I would never of thought of some of these but now that I see them paired, I so agree. Def Hobb’s books and Pirates of the Carib. I think Kennit would quick kill Jack Sparrow and commandeer the Black Pearl.
    Would love a Supernatual and Mulan mash-up. I’d never have thought of that!
    And yup, Treasure Plante and Fullmetal.

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