Coffee time: Books I love but don’t often mention

Coffee Time

Hello! Today I wanna mention books that I really enjoy that don’t tend to come up, whether through tags or whatnot, because book blogs are an odd thing. It makes certain books very relevant and others very not. I seem to mention my same favorites over and over while never mentioning others at all. So, these are the ones I love that… don’t get the spotlight too often.

The Egg by Andy Weir

The EggThis is a short story, and I think it’s a bit overshadowed by the success of The Martian. This came out before that one and I really, really enjoy it. I can’t even give you synopsis though, because the joy of going into it blind is great, and considering how short it is, I feel like a synopsis would tell the whole story. Just read this one, it’ll take you five minutes.




Trigun by Yasuhiro Nightow

Trigun: Deep Space Planet Future Gun Action!! Vol. 1 (Trigun, #1)This is from back during my teenage years. And by no means is it underrated – it’s considered a classic in the anime/manga community. I just rarely bring it up. But this series is so wonderful – it follows Vash the Stampede, a man with a six billion double-dollar price on his head, that is followed by disaster after disaster, some of it his own unfortunate doing and other of it circumstance.

Trigun is set on a desert world colonized long ago by humans, and is reminiscent of a western with sci-fi and comedy aspects tied in. Vash is a wonderful character and you find yourself liking him rather quickly. This is a great series, peeps. Pulls at the heartstrings.

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

Incarceron (Incarceron, #1)I tend to mention Fisher’s other series, the Relic Master quartet, much more often than Incarceron, but both of them are really good. I first read Incarceron back when I was in college for the first time, so 2008-12, sometime in there. I rented it from the college library and I think I read it in a day or two. I loved this book, I ate it up. It follows a young man who was born and lives in Incarceron, a prison that seems to stretch on endlessly. It has dashes of sci-fi and fantasy and steampunk at times, and the world is well crafted. I really like this one.


Bitter Virgin by Kei Kusunoki

Bitter Virgin, Volume 1 (Bitter Virgin, #1)This is the story of a young man who becomes interested in a girl, only to discover a deep dark secret about her. He then has to navigate this secret without alarming her or the people around her. It’s really good and very heartfelt. Going into it, I didn’t think it would go so deep or handle such serious topics, but it does it well and I really like it. Trigger warnings for this one.



The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices by Xinran

The Good Women of China: Hidden VoicesThis is probably the one I want to talk about the most, but it’s so rarely a good opportunity. This book was actually required reading for me when I was in college – it was for an Asian studies-related class, and when we were assigned the first chapter, I read the whole thing in one night.

This is a nonfiction, composed by Xinran, who in the 1980s hosted a radio program that women could call in anonymously and tell their stories. This is the collection of those stories – the women whose voices are represented here are real and their stories range from heartwarming to heartbreaking. This can at times be a tough read, but it can also make you laugh. This is a fantastic collection of memoirs, and out of this entire list, I recommend this one the most.

And that’s it for the recommendations.

As I mentioned before, book blogs are an odd thing. It’s a strange phenomena that divides books into hyper-mentioned and never-mentioned, and I haven’t been able to pinpoint what it is about a book that will cause it to be super popular (in a positive or negative way) to talk about or not talked about at all.

I know young adult novels are very popular, but some of the ones I mentioned above are YA, so obviously it by itself is not sufficient.  Any ideas?

Happy reading!

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