Konmari-ing my bookshelves – Part 2

Coffee Time

Hello! Last month, I made a post called Konmari-ing my bookshelves – Part 1 where I pulled all my books off the shelves and sorted them into ‘keep’, ‘maybe toss’ and ‘toss’. Today I’ll be going into the end result of that, starting with how I divide the ‘maybe toss’ books, and then going to what my books and book room look like now.

Dividing the ‘Maybe Toss’ books

These were the books I was unsure of. This is how they were finally divided:


  • Wolves Rain vols 1 and 2
  • Mushishi vols 1-4
  • Monster vols 1-4
  • Remnant Chronicles trilogy
  • Airhead


  • Days of Blood and Starlight
  • Dreams of Gods and Monsters
  • Bonman’s Daughters
  • Scryed vol 1
  • Tsubasa vol 1
  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here
  • Little Women

Many of the books I ended up tossing from this pile and in my ‘Toss’ pile have been picked over my friends, who took whatever they wanted. The remaining ones will be donated.

Putting the books back on the shelves

I kept it organized more or less how it was beforehand. I ended up switching the nonfiction and the manga shelves though, and I put the graphic novels above the sci-fi instead of after the classics. And hey, I actually have open shelf space for more books now. After Christmas peeps, still holding out.

I have a small video clip of the shelves – not going to do a closeup for the sake of a bookshelf tour post in December. 😛

Sprucing up the room

Now that the books were done, I decided to finish my long-term bucket list of actually getting a reading chair. So, I bought one! And I’ve bought a lamp since, as well. Well, I bought four lamps, because the one I wanted came in a four pack. Now I need to figure out what to do with three lamps.


The chair!


I’m smitten, guys.

And that’s it! Books are now cleaned up, remaining ones that need to be donated will be soon-ish. Until then, they’re sitting in a pile on the floor.

Happy reading!

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