Top 5 things on booky wishlist

Blogmas 2018 Hump Day! Today’s post is about things on my booky wishlist. Since I plan on doing a post later called ‘Books I hope Santa brings’, I’m going to focus this post on book-related things, rather than books themselves.

If you’d like to participate in T5W, you can do so here!

Another book case

Probably the most practical of them all. Currently I have five full sized cases and two half cases. I kinda wanna drop the two small ones and just replace them with a big one (and then eventually another big one). The small ones take up a lot of floor space for how many books they each hold.

A personal library kit

I’ve seen these floating around on amazon – basically a system that lets you lend out books and keep track of who has them, etc. The only downside is (I think?) you have to actually stick the things to your books. If that’s the case, I’d rather not. But if it’s just a record system, then yes please.

Book fairy lights

I haven’t actually seen these before, so I don’t know if they exist. But I want fairy lights that look like itty bitty books!

A book sleeve

I carry a book to work with me every day, and whatever book I have tends to get beat up while being carried back and forth. I want one of those fabric sleevey things you put your book into to keep it safe in your bag!

A change in socially acceptable reading

This is more of a societal change that needs to happen instead of a ‘thing’ that I want. What I want, is that any time where it’s okay to go on your phone, it’s also okay to pull out a book. Family gathering? Nobody will bat an eye if you sit on your phone for ten minutes. Whip out a book though, and it looks like you brought something with you specifically to not speak to people. Same while eating dinner with friends – I realize it’s rude to also be on your phone, but it still happens regularly and nobody really bats an eye. Can you imagine reading for five minutes while waiting for your food at a table full of people though? I mean, if they’re gonna ignore me on phones, I wanna ignore them in a book. Pbtbt.

And that’s it! Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 things on booky wishlist

  1. Your family gives you crap when you bring a book to a family gathering!? 0o You need to have a chat with your fam mango. Or just start bringing a book to every family gathering. My fam would freak out if I didn’t bring a book to a gathering.

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  2. Ugh yes, I really want another bookshelves! I never got reprimanded for reading at social events though, I think it’s because everyone knows at this point that even when I’m on my phone, I’ll probably be reading an e-book so it doesn’t really make a difference 😀

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