Christmas movies to watch this year

Blogmas 2018

Hello! Today’s post will be about Christmas movies I wanna watch this year! I make one of these lists every year, but rarely actually get to all the movies on it. This year though, I’m actually doing pretty well! I’ve watched most of them already 😀

Elf – Done

A Christmas Carol – Disney – Done

A Christmas Carol – Patrick Stewart (my fave) – Not Done

Home Alone – Done

Home Alone 2 – Not Done

The Santa Clause – Done

Jingle All The Way – Done

A Christmas Story – Not Done

The Bishop’s Wife – Not Done

The Christmas Chronicles – Done

Good Eats – The Cookie Clause – Not Done

No trailer for this one. This is an episode of a TV show I try to watch every year. Good Eats – a cooking show. This episode, Santa kidnaps Alton Brown and demands he bake him a bunch of Christmas cookies!

Scrooged – Not Done

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