Book buying ban check-in

2018 Reading Resolutions

Hi! I’ve been on a buying ban since April 1st. Today is my check-in on my progress. 😀

I chose today because it’s roughly half way through. My ban is April 1st – June 15th. Anyways.

I mentioned in my 2019 Reading Goals that I go on a buying ban every year. I do – this is the third year in a row that I’ve done it. The difference this year though is that I’m doing it in the spring instead of the fall. I wanted to get it over and done with more quickly this year, so I bumped it up. And from each of my conclusion posts (here and here) you’ll see that I’ve never failed at it. My ban will is actually pretty good.

And this year is no different. So far, I’ve purchased 0 books during the ban. However, I did receive one book as a gift. I can’t really do anything about that though. (And thank you friend Brady for the gift :”D)

This is it:


Inuyasha profiles by Rumiko Takahashi. This is a companion book to the Inuyasha manga series. I love Inuyasha, so am very happy to have this.

So, since the above was a gift and this is a buying ban, I’m still doin pretty good. Just a little over a month and a week left, and then I’m free. What I think is funny is that my dad requested I take him to the bookstore and buy him a book for Father’s Day this year, and Father’s Day in the US falls on June 16th – perfect timing. I might get myself a book too. :”D

Happy reading!

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