My book buying ban is over!

2018 Reading Resolutions

Hello! Back at the beginning of the year, I wrote in my 2019 reading resolutions that I wanted to go on a 2-3 month buying ban. I do it every year, usually in the fall, but this year I decided to do it in the spring! On April 1st, I went on the ban, and I haven’t purchased a book since.

Today, it’s over! I completed it! Tomorrow is also Father’s Day, but my dad wants to hang out today instead. Aaaaand in typical fashion of my father, he requested I take him to the bookstore and get him a book as a gift. So, guess who’s going to the bookstore on the perfect day. :”D

You may or may not also know that I am limiting myself to purchasing five books per month. Since I was banned from buying half this month, I’m going to allow myself three books (otherwise, what was the point of banning half the month, y’know? So my hauls will resume this month.

But yay! It’s over! I’ve missed the bookstore so much. I’M COMING BOOK BABIES. MOMMA’S HOME.

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