I’m going to New York City!

Hello! Next week, I’m going to New York! I live in the north east part of the country but I’ve never been there before.

Plans include:

  • Seeing Moulin Rouge on Broadway, my favorite movie come to life. This has been on my bucket list since before the play was even created. When I saw it was actually happening, I had to go
  • Visit Kinokuniya, which is a huge-ass bookstore of Japanese origin. When I went to Malaysia in 2016, I visited one there in Kuala Lumpur, and man, I’m so excited to go back. I loved it there.
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty – my mom did this when she went to NYC when I was ten, and I’m hoping to see it too
  • Get some thin crust pizza, because of course.
  • Celebrate my second wedding anniversary. I’m married for two years on August 1st to my best friend, and we’re going here mostly to celebrate that. He’s my fave.

For those of you who have been to NYC, please let me know if there’s anything you’d recommend in particular. The two of us aren’t huge on museums, but we like tours liiiike historical ones, and we like scenic view things and skywalks and stuff like that. We also like space and science related things, and we love breweries and local food stuffs, and for me in particular: book things. So yeah, if you know of something you’d think I’d like, please let me know. There’s just so much and we’re only there for a week. I have noooo idea where to start.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “I’m going to New York City!

  1. Happy anniversary!! And I hope it’s a great trip for you. Kinokuniya is great to visit. I try to visit there whenever I’m in Manhattan and have time. The Strand is another great bookstore to check out.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been to the one in Malaysia but I didn’t know it was a chain until I was looking up neat bookstores in NYC hahaha. Ooo thanks! I’ll look at that too


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