July Wrap Up | ’19

Wrap Up

Hello, happy August! As this post goes up, I’m in NYC for the first time in my life, being weird. So this is pre-written! So as of today (July 30th) these are all the books I read this month:


Spice & Wolf, Vol. 01 (Spice & Wolf: Manga, #1)

Spice & Wolf vol 1 by Isuna Hasekura – I’d seen this series floating around and decided to pick it up when volume 1 popped into my peripheral vision. This volume was pretty decent! Though I’m a bit scared of the diety character turning into a manic pixie dream girl. The world though, seems neat, so I’m gonna give it another volume or two before deciding whether or not it’s a series for me.

3.5 stars

Goblin Slayer, Vol. 2 (Goblin Slayer Manga, #2)

Goblin Slayer vol 2 by Kumo Kagyu – Continuing from the first volume I read a few months ago, I’m still really enjoying this story. It’s dark and gritty and doesn’t shy away from the realities of fighting goblins and all sorts of monsters, but at the same time, the side characters make it funny and almost lighthearted… in a bloody kind of way. I dig it.

4.5 stars

Fool's Quest  (The Fitz and The Fool, #2)

Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb – Man. I don’t even have words for these books anymore. I’m so emotionally invested. I read this with Zezee @Zezeewithbooks, and we only have one Hobb book left, which we’ll pick up in September. I’m thinking after the final book I’ll do a series review as opposed to reviews for the individual books. I really should be tabbing these things… maybe I’ll do that on my reread of the entire Realm of the Elderlings world (because you know it’s going to happen eventually). I really enjoyed this book though and am both looking forward to and dreading the last one.

4 stars

And that’s it! A bit of a slower reading month for me but hopefully I can get that turned around in August.

Other Things

  • I went to Otakon last week! It was my first ever anime convention and I adored it. Haul to come.
  • I’m currently in NYC! Also my first ever trip. I’m gonna see Moulin Rouge in Broadway! AHHHH

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books – 47/50
  • Finish the 10 in 2019 list – 5/10
  • Keep book purchases around 4-5 books per month
    • J – 5 | F – 6 | M – 7 | A – 0 | M – 0 | J – 3 | J – 5 | A | S | O | N | D
  • Go on a 2 to 3 month buying ban – Complete!
  • Reduce physical TBR to 250 books – currently at 266
  • Finish the r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge by Mar 31, 2019 – Complete!
  • Post monthly book hauls
    • J | F | M | A (on ban) | M(on ban) | J | J | A | S | O | N | D
  • Maintain a S-W-S posting schedule
    • J | F | M | A | M | J | J | A | S | O | N | D
  • Keep track of statistics
    • J | F | M | A | M | J | J | A | S | O | N | D

And that’s it! This month is the NEWTs so my currently reading going up tomorrow will be all those books most likely. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “July Wrap Up | ’19

  1. Lol! I was thinking that too: that I’ll have to reread the entire series once done. I’m sure I’ll pick up on loads I didn’t realize before.


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