The Boujee Book Tag!

Book Tag

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book tag, so here it is! This tag was originally named the ‘Boujee Booktuber Tag’ but none of the questions are specifically video related, so I’m adapting it to blog form. Pbtbtbt pbtbt pbt.

This tag was created by abookolive!

1. What is your average monthly budget for books?

I don’t really have a budget, persay, but I do have a physical limit. I can buy five books per month, not including manga. I am trying to cut back a bit on that even though, just because I’m also trying to buy a house.

2. What’s the most you’ve ever spent in a bookstore?

Probably a bit over a hundred dollars. I tend to splurge a bit right after Christmas if I receive any gift cards or monies.

3. Are you willing to pay full price for a brand new release, or will you wait until you have a coupon or there’s a sale?

I will not pay full price if it’s a hardback book, but I will for a paperback or manga. Luckily between my Barnes and Noble membership and amazon’s prices, I tend to get at least 10-20% off. I’ll take what I can get.

4. Would you rather buy one new book or several less expensive used copies?

It really depends on the book. If there’s a new book and I really want it, I’ll get that. I try not to get books just for the sake of getting more books for my money. I did that a lot in the past and it landed me with too many unread books. ;P

5. What do you think is a reasonable price for a new hardback book? A paperback? An eBook?

$20-25, $15 (or $8 if mass market paperback), $5 respectively. I get why they’re higher sometimes – gotta pay all the peeps involved – but if they are much higher than that, I’ll go out of my way to use coupons or sales to get them down to this level or lower.

6. Is a signed book worth more to you? How about a first edition?

It depends on the book! If I have no idea who the author is or haven’t fallen in love with the book, then I don’t particularly care one way or the other. But a favorite author? Sign my face, please.

7. What is your most valuable book (sentimental or actual value)?

Island of the Giant Pokemon (Pokemon Chapter Book, #2)

Monetarily, no idea. But sentimentally, it’d be all the Pokemon books I got when I was a grade schooler. They were some of my first novels, and I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve read them.


8. Will you pay more for a cover or edition you like better?

I feel like all my answers to this are ‘it depends’. If it’s a known favorite author or book, I’ll probably dish out extra to get a neat edition. If I’m just shopping though I tend to buy the cheapest one, no matter what it looks like.

9. What physical characteristics does a good quality book have?

Good binding, good smell, paper that’s thicker than Bible paper.

10. If you won the lottery, what bookish things would you do with the money?

Well after doing the ever-elusive dream of paying off my student debt, I’d buy a house with recessed shelving (or add some myself) and make myself an official library. Right now I have a ‘book room’ where I keep all my books and a reading chair, but I want it to be more… official. More wood, more globes. You know, the nerdy stuff. I want it.

BONUS: Give us an image (actual or mental) of your dream home library!

Here’s my current set-up, taken back at Christmas last year. So it’s the same now, but all the Christmas lights have burnt out and there’s more cat fur.


And that’s it!

I tag: Zezeewithbooks, Bookbinderway, TheOrangutanLibrarian, Dragonsandzombies, MetalPhantasmReads, ThoughtsOnFantasy, BooksInHerEyes, and you if I didn’t tag you! If you do this tag, lemme know so I can snoop on it!

7 thoughts on “The Boujee Book Tag!

  1. Thank you for the tag! πŸ™‚

    Oh and I LOVE your set up, it looks super cozy! You’re not tempted to do anything else but read. I want something like that as well haha

    I get a library for sure as well, that’s always been one of my biggest dreams!

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  2. Thanks for tagging me! I agree with so many of these, particularly #4 – if I tried to get as many books for my money as possible my unread pile would be even more intimidating than it already is. As for #3, I also won’t buy full price hardbacks – I’d love to but every time I see how much more they cost I feel I can’t justify it. So maybe that’s what I’d do for #10: fill my library with expensive hardbacks πŸ™‚

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