Nanoplanmo/Preptober Check-in #2!

At the beginning of the month, I made an announcement that I’d be participating in Nanowrimo again this year (11th year running!) and would be doing Nanoplanmo this month in preparation. Since, I’ve done one previous check-in going over my progress.

This is the last weekend before Nanowrimo begins! Friday November 1st is go-time. My planmo buddy will come over to my house and we’re gonna try to pound out as many words as we can on day 1. Wish. Us. Luck.

So far, this is what I’ve done in preparation:

  • Complete an outline
    • Deciding on act structure – Done
    • Fleshing out major plot points – In progress
    • Deciding ending ahead of time – Not done
  • Develop characters
    • Main characters – Done
    • Side characters – Not done
  • Do some world building
    • Develop magic system – In progress
    • Country history – Done
    • Culture – In progress
  • Do some planning every day, even if it’s just a sentence or a bullet point – In progress
  • Read some comedy fantasy to get an idea of how different authors incorporate comedy into their fiction
    • Kings of the Wyld – In progress
    • Color of Magic – Not done
  • Do biweekly (at least!) planning sessions with buddy(ies) who are also doing nanowrimo this year – Done

And that is it. I have what I have, and I can only add whatever I complete in the next three days, then I’m heading straight into nanowrimo. I’m really excited but I’m really nervous, too.

If you’re doing nano this year, lemme know! Happy writing!

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