Christmas Decorations and Holiday Scents 2019

Blogmas 2019

Happy Blogmas Day 6!

If you remember from my Blogmas announcement post, I was going to post a ‘Holiday Scents’ thing and a ‘Christmas Decorations’ thing. Well, I’ve decided to combine them, so here we go! This is my decorations set up for this year:

I’ve got the tree, my mantle and my book room decked out. I’m rather liking how the tree turned out in particular.

And for this scents, these are all the Christmasy/Fall-y/Winter-y candles I’ve got going this year:

Needless to say, my house smells pretty damn good right now.

The left photo are the candles on my mantle in the living room, and the right photo are those in my book room. I think my favorite is the one fare to the left in the first photo, the caramel pecan one. ❤

And as a bonus, here’s a couple of my cat enjoying the season:

And that’s it! Simple post, but colorful! If you’ve decorated and care to share, lemme see!

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