Books that make me think of Christmas

11 Dec

Blogmas 2019

Hello! Today’s post will be books that make me think of Christmas. These won’t be ‘Christmas’ books, but just ones I associate with the holiday because I either got them as gifts for it, or I read them during it or what have you.

Basically they make me all nostalgicy.

All My Friends Are Dead

All my friends are dead – Why, you ask? Because my sister got this book on Christmas and I remember her opening it and losing her shit laughing about it.

We Are Never Meeting In Real Life

We are never meeting in real life – This one I associate with Christmas because I bought it I believe two days afterward when I went to visit my friend in Connecticut. I guess it’s more accurate to say I associate this book with Christmas break and with curling up in front of her wood oven in her living room and reading it. This was a decent book, but even if I decide to never reread it, I’m gonna keep it because it reminds me of my buddy and the time we’ve spent together.

Shadow and Bone (The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, #1)

Shadow and Bone – This book (and the second book) I read while on Christmas break at college (the second time there). Basically, I was working full time over winter break at the computer help desk in the campus library since there were winter classes happening. But man, that place was empty, so I’d spend eight hours a day reading and streaming X Files on Netflix. I brought this book with me one day and I buzzed through the whole thing in one shift. I literally got paid to read, people. My boss knew it too, he was in his office behind me watching The Office all day.

Man I miss that job.

The Night Circus

The Night Circus – So I think I read this in the middle fall – I think I was done at the beginning of November or so. But the themes in it are so whimsical and enchanting that it makes it feel kinda Christmasy to me. I know it has nothing to do with the actual holiday, but that ‘ooo’ kind of magicy feeling you get while reading this? That’s what I feel at Christmas every year. Now you can see why I’m such a big fan.

And that’s it! I’m sure there are more but man I wanna be able to do this post again next year. pBtbtbt

Happy reading!


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