Slow cooker hot chocolate recipe

Blogmas 2019

Happy Thursday! A recipe today!

This recipe I’ve made like three times, and plan on doing so again next Friday for work.

I originally found a version of this on Crystal @MrsHappyHomemaker’s page, and I’ve since tweaked it a bit to suit my needs. But definitely check out the original recipe as my version, while not altered by a lot, definitely comes out differently. Full credit to her!

My version of this recipe (I’ll have scratch-outs where I altered it)


  • 1 1/2 c heavy cream
  • 14 oz sweetened, condensed milk
  • 6 cups milk whole milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2 cups 2 1/4 cups milk or semi-sweet dark chocolate chips


  • Put stuff in the crock pot and stir
  • Cook on low for two hours, stirring occasionally

I gotta warn you though man – this stuff is thick. That’s how I like it though. So if you don’t like it super thick and creamy, you might wanna stick with a thinner milk type. When you stir, it’ll basically just looks like milk until near the end of the two hours when the chocolate has melted thoroughly, so dun fret and be all ‘I CAN’T JUST SERVE HOT MILK’. It won’t be hot milk, I promise.

And that’s it! If you try it, lemme know how you like it!

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