Unpopular Opinions: Christmas Edition

Blogmas 2019


Today I’m gonna post some of my unpopular opinions about the Christmas season! I saw this idea on Chloe @ChloeMetzger‘s blog, and thought it was neato, so here I am doin’ it. Note some of these might not be actual unpopular opinions, but I’m saying them because I’ve personally gotten flack for them. So there. Pbtbt.

  • It’s ok to listen to Christmas music on Thanksgiving

Really, a bit of Trans-Siberian while the turkey is in the oven can only be an improvement.

  • Listening to Christmas music after Christmas is ok too

All the radio stations stop playing Christmas music around here in December 26th. I’m not done yet, man! I tend to keep listening until New Year’s or so

  • It’s fun to go out on Black Friday

It really is. I don’t go out at 4am or whatever, but… it’s fun. It is, I love it, haha.

  • Office Christmas Party is a good movie

It’s crude and gross, but man is it hilarious.

  • You should be able to say whatever you want as a greeting, and not be surprised if the person says something different back

ie: “Merry, Christmas!” “Thanks, happy holidays!” = good, “Happy Holidays!” “Thanks, blessed Yule!” = good, “Merry Christmas!” “Thanks, blessed Yule!” = good, “Happy Hanukkah!” “Thanks! Happy Kwanzaa!” = good, “Happy Holidays!” “Thanks, Merry Christmas!” = good.

etc etc etc. whatever you wanna say. no need to throw a hissy. Just be nice to each other, augh.

  • The month leading up to Christmas is better than Christmas itself

The anticipation! ❤

  • Eggnog is disgusting

It smells like barf.

  • Buying presents for other adults is stressful

I would love it if I could just buy for all the kids in the family and not worry about the adults. As an adult myself, I’m a-ok not receiving anything. Really. I can buy what I want myself, and go ‘Merry Christmas to me!’

  • Gift cards are the ideal present

Because of the reasons stated above, that way I can just go get stuff myself, and then when I give a gift card I don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing or the same thing as someone else bought.

And that’s it! Lemme know what you think of my opinions! Tell me yours!

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