January Currently Reading! ’20

Currently Reading

GUESS WHO’S DUMB. It’s me. Apparently I’ve had the comments turned off on my posts for weeks and never noticed. No idea it was like that. But they’re on now. Please if you notice my comments off, poke me on IG or twitter and tell me because it’s 100% because I did it by accident and then went off in my own little world. :”D

Three more days, and I’m done with blogmas! After that I’ll be resuming a regular posting schedule, and currently I’m thinking it’ll be Saturday, Monday, Thursday. But we’ll see I suppose.

This is what I’m currently reading!

The Wolf (Under the Northern Sky, #1)

The Wolf by Leo Carew – I received this as a Christmas gift from my buddy Ashley! I didn’t get it ’til yesterday though, so that’s why it wasn’t in my December haul. But you know that photo thing that’s been going around on facebook? This one:

I’m not from Iceland, so I have no idea if this is actually a thing or not (if you’re an Icelander, please tell me) but me and Ashley thought it was neat so we kinda-sorta adopted it. I went to her house yesterday, we exchanged books, and we spent all day in her living room reading them. We were both busy Christmas eve so couldn’t do it then, but Saturday the 4th was still nice. We plan to keep up the tradition next year too!

Paradise Kiss: 20th Anniversary Edition

Paradise Kiss by Ai Yazawa – I picked this up a few days ago and I’m about half way through it. It’s over 850 pages! It’s pretty good so far though and I’m enjoying it.

Bloodwitch (The Witchlands, #3)

Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard – Third book, still reading it. I’ll get there, I’ll get there.

Caliban's War (The Expanse, #2)

Caliban’s War James S. A. Corey – I’ll finish this this month, dammit.

The Blood Mirror (Lightbringer, #4)

The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks – I’ll… I’ll get there. One day.

And that’s it! That’s what I’m reading!

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