February Currently Reading ’20

Currently Reading

Happy February! This past month, since I always seem to have ‘back-burner’ books, I actually made an exclusive shelf on my Goodreads called ‘back-burner’ where the books that I’m ‘currently reading but not currently reading’ will go.

It’s a neater organization system I think, than having eight books on my currently reading shelf. At least it eases my mind, pbtbt.

This is what I’m currently reading!

Heaven's Devils (StarCraft II, #1)

Heaven’s Devils by William C. Dietz – This is my currently audiobook. I’m listening to it for three reasons: It’s been on my tbr for literal years, it’s a 10 in 2020 book, and it fits the ‘Read a Media Tie-In Novel’ bingo square for Fantasy Bingo.

So far, it’s decent. I’ve read military sci-fi before and have enjoyed it, and this is no different. I’m not a huge fan about the characterization of like… any of the female characters in here though. They’re all very one dimensional and being used as nothing more than eye candy so far. But plot-wise, the story is decent. Depending on how bad the female rep gets, this book may go farther and farther down in rating.

This book tells the origin story of Jim Raynor, one of the main figures in the StarCraft universe. So far it’s pretty neat.

Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1)

Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice – This is a bit of a fail for me, that this book still isn’t finished. I picked this up in December to try to finish off my 10 in 2019 list and didn’t quite get there. And a month later I still haven’t finished it. This book, when I do get through it, will count for the ‘Read a book about a vampire’ square for Fantasy Bingo.

So far, I’m rather liking the book. It’s eerie and captivating and completely immersive. It’s so neat!

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – This is a buddy read that I started in January with two of my buddies! This is my first time ever reading this story and while it started it just ok, I’ve just passed the half way point and have found myself really invested. I’m digging this so far, which is a surprise considering my track record with classics. Maybe this’ll be my gateway classic!

And that’s it! These are the books I’m actively currently reading. For anyone interested, here are all the books that are on the back-burner. I’ll get to them… eventually. Probably after Fantasy Bingo has ended, as all the ones there don’t count towards a square. I have like ten books to read towards the thing still, so it’s crunch time.

Happy reading!

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