February Wrap Up! | ’20

Wrap Up

Happy Leap Day! I read 7 things this month: 4 manga, 2 physical books and 1 audio book.


Heaven's Devils (StarCraft II, #1)

Heaven’s Devils by William C. Dietz – This was my audio book for the month, it was a book on my 10 in 2020, and it also counted towards the media tie-in novel for Fantasy Bingo! Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. I didn’t dislike it, but it was far from a five star book for me. Mostly, my issues were around characterization: every female character introduced was either heavily sexualized or described in a way that basically said ‘this is why she isn’t sexually attractive’ and it was annoying. I feel like I would have been much less bothered with it if the male characters were described the same way, but they weren’t. It felt awkward and skewed. The plot though was decent, and I do plan to continue – the next two books were both written by a woman so I am basically 100% sure that I won’t learn anyone’s boob size in them. – 3 stars

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – Another 10 in 2020 book, I’m on a roll! This was a buddy read with two of my buddies, and we’re in the midst of planning a marathon day to watch the BBC adaption of it. I ended up really liking this book! My only complaint – which isn’t the book’s fault and is definitely my inability to suspend my disbelief – was one of the plot points. Mild spoilers, but at one point one of Elizabeth’s sisters runs away with a dude and the only viable solutions were to either have her marry him or duel to the death. And like… what. I get for the time and the social norms at that point it made sense but reading it in modern day I couldn’t get past the whole ‘you realize there’s a totally fine third option right’. Wah, but whatevs. It was a good book! – 4.5 stars

Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1)

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice – This book took me by surprise. It was my final 10 in 2019 book from last year, so finally, finally that list is complete! This also counts toward Originally, I picked up this book in high school and read half of it and then got disctracted. I remember liking it, and weirdly enough I remember the smell of the book that I read. It was so smell-goody. But anyways I picked it back up in December and slowly made my way through it, and I loved it! It was so captivating and sucked me right in. Definitely a new favorite. – 5 stars


Otomen, Vol. 12 (Otomen, #12)

Otomen vols 10-12 by Aya Kanno – At this point I’ve read all the volumes I physically own. There are six more out there. And honestly, even this far into it, I’m not sure how I feel about this series. I said the same during last month’s wrap up but I kinda wish this manga would dive deeper. The series deals with gender roles and why it’s ok to non-confirm but it does it in a fluffy, non-serious way. It’s entertaining and honestly a bit ridiculous at times, but it doesn’t really dive into it too far. It’s an enjoyable read but it’s not quite what I wanted. – 3, 3.5 and 4 stars respectively

Only the Ring Finger Knows

Only the Ring Finger Knows by Satoru Kannagi and Hotaru Odagiri – This was one of my favorites back in high school. It’s a cute, fluffy one-shot romance centering around rings and misunderstandings and I remembered adoring it. So when I saw it at Otakon this past summer, I picked it up. And then I re-read it for the first time in about 15 years and I liked it just as much! I’m glad it was able to stand the test of time. – 4.5 stars

Other Stuff

  • If you remember from last month, I alluded to a bunch of weird stuff happening. Well, it was health stuff, and finally the doctors figured it out. Turns out my gallbladder is losing its mind. So! It’s coming out on Monday! Meaning I’m also off work for a bit to recover. Wish me luck!
  • I went to Katsucon a couple weeks ago! It was super fun! At this point I’m rather hooked on cons, and I plan on attending Tekkoshocon in Pittsburgh in April!

Reading Goals

  • Read 50 books – 21/50
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule
    January – Fail
    February – Pass
  • Keep track of reading statistics – In progress
  • Reduce physical TBR to 200 – 253

And that’s it! Happy reading!

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