Fantasy Bingo 2019-20 is finished! I did decent!

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Today is March 31st, meaning r/Fantasy’s Bingo Challenge ends at midnight tonight. And considering none of the books I could possibly get done today would count for squares, I’m posting this now.

This is my final bingo card:

As you can see, I got six bingos: Three vertical, two horizontal, one diagonal. I had intended to fully fill the card, I even planned my 10 in 2020 around it, but.. well, I fell into a manga kick, and you can’t really use manga for this, so. I didn’t get there. But I did get bingos, so I’ll be entered for prizes. Next year, I’ll try for the full card.

If you are interested in participating in Fantasy Bingo, 2020’s card will be announced on the r/Fantasy subreddit tomorrow! And it’s exactly what it sounds like – a bingo for fantasy novels. All the rules and whatnot will be explained in the post that’ll go up, so I’m not gonna go into it here. But I’ve been participating in this since probably 2016 or so and it’s a lot of fun, so if you’re a fantasy lover I highly recommend it.

I’m very pumped for the new card tomorrow, and I’ll be making a post about it for sure – it’s going to be a bonus Wednesday or Thursday post, depending how late in the day the new card shows up.

And that’s it! If you participated this year or plan on it starting tomorrow, lemme know! Happy reading!

I’m doing Camp Nanowrimo!

Camp NaNoWriMo - Writer - Facebook Banner

Happy Sunday! I’ve decided to join in on Camp Nanowrimo this year. I’ve been doing the regular November Nanowrimo every year since about 2008 or so, but I’ve never done camp. And because the past two years I’ve actually developed stories during Nano that I liked, I figured I’d participate in Camp to edit them.

To those unfamiliar: Camp Nanowrimo is an event that happens every April and July. Unlike its main counterpart, Nanowrimo, which occurs every November with the goal of writing 50000 words in a month, Camp Nanowrimo allows you to select your own goal. You can choose to write something new and set a word count goal, or you can choose to edit and set a time or page count goal! This year I’m editing.

Camp Nanowrimo 2020 Project:

  • Create a second draft of Basil, my 2018 Nanowrimo project that has been sitting in the dark for a year and a half
  • Rename Basil to an actual title. ‘Basil’ is just the name of the main character and has been acting as a place-holder title until I come up with one
  • Revise for a total of 30 hours, hopefully completing a second draft in the process, but if I hit the 30 hours, I’ll consider it a success.


Some things to note, if you’re new or just returning to Camp Nano:

  • The Camp Nanowrimo site has been taken down and now all Camp projects are hosted on the main Nanowrimo site
  • Cabins have been replaced with ‘groups’
  • ‘Editing’ is currently not a functional option when creating your Camp Nano goal. They currently only have ‘writing’ goals implemented
  • Because of this, I chose 30,000 words as my goal, with the intent that 1000 words will represent 1 hour of editing
  • This is nitpicky and me arm-chair coding but: As a software developer myself, editing goals – counting hours/etc instead of words – could be implemented and running within a week. I know it could. They’ve had months to do this and why they didn’t is beyond me. But that’s not my business, I guess

Can you tell I’m a little salty.

Regardless of my not-so-positive feelings towards the new Nano site’s functionality and lack thereof, I’m really looking forward to this project. I’ve never actually had a fully finished draft to edit before, so this will be a new experience for me!

If you’re participating in Camp Nanowrimo, do let me know! Hell, add me! Happy writing!

March ̶B̶o̶o̶k̶ Manga Haul! | #38

Book Haul Base Banner

Happy March! As of writing this (Friday) my county has just been issued a stay-at-home order so guess who’s just gonna read and work for the foreseeable future. Anyways, this is what I got to read:

Nina photobombed. I couldn’t bring myself to zoom in and cut her from the picture. Pbtbt.

I decided to just list them this time because other than ‘I’m super excited to read these!’ I don’t have much to say about them. You know the feeling. I got these, I’m pumped. If you’ve read any, do let me know. Happy reading!


Top Ten Tuesday: Genre Freebie! Out of print manga I’m still collecting

top ten tuesday(2)

Happy Tuesday, the world is falling into chaos. 😀 At least we still have our books. Today’s topic is a genre freebie, so I’m going with manga that are out of print that I haven’t finished collecting yet. And for clarity’s sake, my definition of ‘out of print’ will be ‘the original run of it is out of print’. Meaning there might be bind-up editions still being produced but the single volume manga is no longer being published.

The order for these manga will take into account how long the series is, how many I have, how actively I’m looking for volumes, and how hard to find they are. And because they’re out of print, I tend to buy them when I see them, regardless of what volume they are, so you’ll see rando volumes here and there in my collection.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl!

10. Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi – This one makes the bottom of the list for two reasons: It’s the one I have the most of already, and it’s the one that’s easiest to find. You can still get new copies of random issues online, and used ones of others fairly easily.

  • Owned: 25/58. Vols 1-24, 26

9. Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino – This one is on the list where it is because honestly I started collecting it by accident. It was right next to a Wild Ones issue I bought and I accidentally scooped this one up too and didn’t realize it til later when I was going through my haul. But it’s a series that’s been on my radar for a while so I figure I’ll collect it. Now I just need to get volume 1. :”D

  • Owned: 1/19. Vol 6

8. Priest by Min-Woo Hyung – This one is where it is because while I only have a handful, I tend to see them pop up in clearance sales and whatnot, so getting a hold of them shouldn’t be too hard if I make the effort to hunt them out. This is a gothic vampire western and from what I’ve read so far, pretty damned good.

  • Owned: 6/16. Vols 1-6

7. Rave Master by Hiro Mashima – This one’s by the same author that wrote Fairy Tale. I watched this anime a long time ago when it first aired and collected the first three volumes when it was in print. For some reason I never kept up with it and now that it’s done I kinda want it all, so… I picked them up when I see them.

  • Owned: 10/35. Vols 1-9, 12

6. Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura – This one is a recent addition to my collection. This is by the same author that wrote Saiyuki, which is another out of print manga that I love but don’t collect (yet) because my sister owns it and I can just borrow it if I wanna read.

  • Owned: 3/7. Vols 1-3

5. Confidential Confessions by Momochi Reiko – This is another recent addition. I started collecting this within the last couple months, but I originally read it back when I was a teenager. This is a manga that dives into serious topics and isn’t for kiddies.

  • Owned: 3/7. Vols 1-3

4. Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase – While I read this whole series ages ago, it was via borrowing from buddies. But since I’ve fallen into a shojo kick since the beginning of the year I started collecting this myself. I only have the one so far, and I haven’t seen the others around yet, but I also haven’t looked, so who knows, maybe this’ll be a breeze to get, maybe it’ll be a pain.

  • Owned: 1/6. Vol 1

3. Wild Ones by Kiyo Fujiwara – This one I borrowed from the library late last year and adored. It’s a pain in the butt to find though, which is why it’s so high in the list. I’ve only a couple volumes of my own so far. I’ll get there I’ll get there.

  • Owned: 2/10. Vols 1, 6

2. Immortal Rain by Kaori Ozaki – This was one of the first manga series I started collecting back when I was a teen, and I never finished my collection. It went out of print before I did and now I barely see this anywhere. I was lucky enough to come across volume 7 a few months ago and boy did I snatch that up. I don’t have too much more to get, so if you see them online anywhere, do let me know. And honestly…. I don’t even think the whole thing was translated into English. The last few volumes on Goodreads suggest that they weren’t. Boo!

  • Owned: 7/11. Vols 1-7

Bitter Virgin, Volume 1 (Bitter Virgin, #1)

1. Bitter Virgin by Kei Kusunoki – This is the hardest one to find. Honestly, I don’t think it was ever officially translated into English. So obviously I don’t own any of these, but I’d love to. I read it online probably ten years ago and even now the story has stuck with me. It’s only four volumes long, but it packs a wallop. I’d really love to get a hold of these so if you live overseas from the US and you spot English editions of these please, please let me know. Hell I’d even take a bind up. Anything! ANYTHING.

  • Owned: 0/4.

And that’s it! There are other out of printies that I’m collecting too, but these ten are the ones I’m most actively after (and this isn’t including the in-print ones I’m collecting, obviously). If you’ve read any of these, or more importantly, if you’ve seen any of these floating around, lemme know! Happy reading!

OWLs Magical Readathon 2020 TBR!


It has come again! The OWLs for the Magical Readathon start April 1st, and I’m pumped about it. If you’ve noticed, I kinda fell off of doing readathons lately. This one is too much fun to not do, though.

For the full info on how the readathon works, please watch the announcement video:

So I’m not going into all the details on how this thing works, that’s what the video is for. What I am going to do is going into my chosen career and my TBR for it.

Last year, I chose Alchemist, which was crazy, as it was the most challenging career out of all available at the time, and surprisingly, I achieved all the requirements for it, both in the OWLs and the NEWTs. This year though I’m going for an easier one, because I’m also planning on participating in Camp Nanowrimo in April so I need to be able to balance.

This year, I’m going to go with



Magizoologist focuses on working with neato animals, and it has four OWL prompts, so I figured it was totally doable. In addition to my career, I’ve picked up an extra training that only Magizoologists can do!

Dragon Tamer Training

dragon tamer series

This training adds one additional prompt to my TBR, so that’ll be five total. I plan to read manga for as many as I can to make it easier on myself: I really plan to dive into Nano with full force.

So my prompts for the OWLs are:

Care of Magical Creatures: Hippogriffs – creature with a beak on the cover

Charms: Lumos Maxima – white cover

Herbology: Mimbulus Mimbletonia – title starts with M

Potions: Shrinking Solution – book under 150 pages

Dragon Tamer Training: A book containing dragons

And my TBR to fulfill these prompts is:

I Hate Fairyland vol 1 by Skottie Young – This books is under 150 pages, so it’ll fulfill my Potions prompt!

Pandora Hearts vol 1 by Jun Mochizuki – White cover, Charms!

Model vol 1 by Lee So-Young – Starts with M so it fulfills my Herbology prompt!

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan – I’ve owned this one for ages and am pumped to be picking it up. And considering it’s literally about a woman studying dragons, it’ll be perfect for my Dragon Tamer Training!

An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson – It has a raven on the front, aka a beak-ed creature, so it fulfills my Care of Magical Creatures prompt!

None of these books are super long. The dragon book is by far the longest, and it’s only 330-something pages. So with these two books, two manga and one graphic novel, I feel like I can finish both the OWLs readathon and my Camp Nanowrimo project, which I’ll post about later on.

Let me know if you’re participating. Happy reading!

Women’s History Book Tag

Book Tag

Happy Saturday! It’s Women’s History Month! So today’s tag is that! I saw this on Zezee @Zezeewithbooks‘ blog and thought it was neato so here we are.

PS – I’ve been working at home for a solid week now and I’m a little stir crazy. So guess who’s pre-writing a million blog posts. Time’s up, it’s me!

  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
  • Link to the creator’s blog in your post
  • Answer the questions below using only books written by women
  • Feel free to use the same graphics
  • Tag 8 others to take part in the tag

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen – I think this one’s a given. Elizabeth turns down two marriage proposals, makes her mother nutty with angst as a result, and then turns around and marries for love instead of financial comfort.

Spinning Silver

Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik – Miryem is pretty sharp. She is able to manipulate situations to her own advantage multiple times throughout the story and shows herself to be a shrewd moneymaker.

The Queen of the Tearling (The Queen of the Tearling, #1)

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen – Kelsea, the main character in this book, is queen. And honestly I’ve never read a more lawful good character. She’s pretty neat.

Deathless (Leningrad Diptych, #1)

Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente – The writing in this is so lyrical and whimsical and dark. I absolutely loved it.

The Poppy War (The Poppy War, #1)

The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang – I feel like ‘warrior’ is a term that can be used loosely. In this book, the main character is a member of the military and does see battle, so I figure it fits.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1)

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers – I’m in the middle of this book right now and I’m rather digging it. It’s so weird and comfy.

The Dark City (Relic Master, #1)

The Dark City by Catherine Fisher – Personally I think Fisher is an underrated author, but for those who have heard of her, they tend to know her Incarceron series moreso than this one. And honestly I think this one is way better (though I do like Incarceron). So if you haven’t checked this out yet, do it. It’s a pretty good ya fantasy.

Captive Prince (Captive Prince, #1)

Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat – Honestly there are a lot of things in this book that I shouldn’t like, but for some reason I still really like the book.

Ella Enchanted (Ella Enchanted #1)

Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine – One of my childhood favorites. I haven’t read it in years, but I know it’ll be read by my future kiddos.

The woman:

Commodore Grace M. Hopper, USN (covered).jpg

Grace Hopper, who was a computer scientist and a US Navy rear admiral. She played a prominent role in popularizing machine independent programming, and the development of the COBOL coding language. As a software engineer myself, I really feel her influence in my daily life. She’s super neat.

The book:

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom

In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park – This is a memoir written by a woman who defected from North Korea. It’s a tough read, but it’s inspiring.

And that’s it! If you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged! Happy Women’s History Month!

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to read next

top ten tuesday(2)

Hi! Today’s post is books on my spring TBR, but I tend to not really do TBRs, so… I’m editing this a bit to ‘books I want to read next‘. Whether or not I actually read them remains to be seen, because as I said, I don’t really follow TBRs. But at the point of writing this, these are the books that I look at and go ‘yeah I’m totally in the mood for that’.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl!

Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura – This series is by the same author who wrote Saiyuki, which I bring up every so often and rather adore. This one’s a more mature series and I remember reading it in high school and loving it. So I’ve picked up the first three volumes recently and plan to jump into it.

Again!! by Mitsurou Kubo – This is a neat series I started recently (hence me posting a pic of volume 2) about a student who falls down the stairs on his final day of high school and wakes up to find he’s been sent back to his first day. It’s pretty interesting so far!

5 Centimeters Per Second by Makota Shinkai – This one I’ve heard a lot of good things about. It’s actually based off an animated movie of the same name, which people seem to love so I’m rather excited for it.

Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya – This one is one the list for two reasons: One is I recently finished collecting it – I have all 23 volumes of the original series and all 3 volumes of the sequel, which means I can binge the whoooooole thiiiiiiing. The other is that season 2 of the anime reboot is premiering April 6th and I’m getting all pumped for it!

Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi – If I’m being honest I’m always in the mood for Inuyasha. I tend to rewatch the anime every few months or so. It’s been a while since I reread the manga though. I still need to finish collecting it, too.

Confidential Confessions by Reiko Momochi – This is a recent buy, and again one I read back when I was in high school. It deals with serious topics and is not a happy manga. But I think I’m in the mood for that kind of thing.

Black Butler by Yana Toboso – This manga I’ve recently become hooked to. I bought and read the first three volumes this month, so I’m listing showing volume four as the pic because now I need that one. This is a period drama fantasy paranormal comedy manga and it’s hilarious and I love it.

Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin – One of the few books on my list. I haven’t stopped thinking about reading this since I picked it up, man. I wannnnnnaaaaaaa.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi – Sometimes I just get on YA kicks, man. And I feel myself at the brink of one with wanting to pick this up.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware – This one is pretty far outside my typical genres but it’s just calling to me. I feel like I’d fly through it, too!

And that’s it! If you couldn’t tell, I’m on a manga kick right now. Out of all the 30-something books I’ve read this year so far, about 75% of them have been manga. I’m sure I’ll hover towards another genre at some point but right now man, I want pictures.


I should have read that book tag!

Book Tag

Hi, a tag today! I was tagged by Lauren @NarrativeParadise. Go check her blog out, it’s neat!

The Rules
  • Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their post.
  • Link to the creator’s blog in your post
  • Answer the questions below
  • Tag 10 others to take part in the tag
  • Enjoy the tag!

A book that a certain friend is always telling you to read

The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton – My buddy Katy was on me to read this for a while. I have it. I’ll read it. Eventually! :”D

A book that’s been on your TBR forever and yet you still haven’t read it

Inkdeath (Inkworld, #3)

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke – This one’s probably been the longest… I’ve probably had it since I was 14 or something. When I first started buying books with my own money, this was one of the first things I bought. I remember reading the first two books and liking them but I never got to this one. I’ll need to reread the whole thing at this point honestly.

A book in a series you’ve started, but haven’t gotten around to finishing

The Curse of the Wendigo (The Monstrumologist, #2)

The Monstrumologist series by Rick Yancey. I think I read the first one in 2012. Haven’t continued yet…. hehe

A classic you’ve always liked the sound of, but have never actually read

Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo – I do wanna read this but I’m intimidated. The copy I have is the English translation obviously, but it’s the unabridged version, meaning it pulls no punches. I’ve heard this one is dark.

A popular book that it seems everyone but you has read

Serpent & Dove (Serpent & Dove, #1)

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin – One day, one day.

A book that inspired a film/TV adaptation that you really love, but just haven’t picked up yet

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell – I got this as a Christmas gift in 2012 and haven’t read it. :”D I love the movie though, like love it. It’s probably in my top ten movies of all time.

A book you see all over Instagram but haven’t picked up yet

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Illustrated Edition

The fourth illustrated Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling – basically I’ll read it when I read it, man.

And that’s it! If you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!


Scribbley thoughts while reading Pride and Prejudice | Blabber

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Published 1813
Read Jan 12 – Feb 11, 2020
432 pages
Major spoilers ahead

I read Pride and Prejudice! And because everyone and their mom has read and reviewed this book already, there’s no point in me putting forth another ‘review’ as nothing I can say hasn’t been said already.

Therefore instead of a comprehensive review, I’m gonna give you a play-by-play insight into my thoughts while reading – nothing meant to be taken seriously, as honestly it’s gonna be all over the place.

I was buddy reading this with my two friends, one of which had already read the book fully and was doing a reread. Because of that, I didn’t have to worry about spoilers, particularly towards the end of the book, if she hadn’t read the parts I was at yet. Basically what I did was take a picture of the page, scribble on the pic a bit, and then sent it to her. That’s what you’ll see here.

And like I said:

Major spoilers ahead

I didn’t actually start taking pictures and writing on them until midway through the book. It started right when Darcy originally proposed to Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy. I found myself rather enjoying this kind of reaction-ing, so I might keep it up? We’ll see!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed.

The intimidating TBR tag!

Book Tag

A tag today! Have I done this already? Maybe! I don’t remember! I found this here, but honestly I have no idea where it originates so if you know lemme know.

What book have you just not been able to finish?

The Blood Mirror (Lightbringer, #4)

The Blood Mirror by Brent Weeks. Honestly I have no idea why this book has been so slow-going for me. I’ve literally been reading it for over a year, and I’ve actually restarted it once because there was a gap so big where I didn’t touch it that I forgot what was happening. And right now I also haven’t touched it in months. But really though I don’t know why: It’s probably gonna be a 4 or 5 star book for me, from what I’ve read.

What book haven’t you read because you haven’t had the time?

Caliban's War (The Expanse, #2)

Caliban’s War by James S. A. Corey. Technically I have started reading this. I’m about 2/3rds through it, but it’s currently on the back burner. I keep getting distracted by other books! And honestly right now I’m really in a manga kick and haven’t read too many normal books period lately. But this book, so far, is also a 4 or 5 star read, so why I haven’t found the time to prioritize it, I don’t know.

What book haven’t you read because it’s a sequel?

The Dragon Republic (The Poppy War, #2)

The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang. I think I bought this book on release day or something. Shame on me.

What book haven’t you read because it’s brand new?

Seven Blades in Black (The Grave of Empires, #1)

Seven Blades in Black by Sam Sykes. I mean it’s brand new to me. This is my most recent book purchase and technically I’ve started it, but I’m only a chapter or two into it so far and as I’ve mentioned, I’m much more in a manga kick right now.

What book haven’t you read because you’ve read another book by the same author and didn’t care for it?

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I realize it’s a bit of a bandwagon thing to say ‘I didn’t like Shiver,’ but I didn’t, unfortunately. I have heard that this book and all her other works show great improvement over that one but I still have trouble with overcoming the mental block. I’ll get there though: I need a readathon or something for it.

What book haven’t you read because you’re just not in the mood for it?

Saving Fish from Drowning

I feel like this is more of a genre instead of an individual book, but a good example is Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan. Basically any serious-themes literary fiction that will probably just crush my soul. I do want to read them, but man, I feel like I need a buddy read for these kinds of books so I can share my pain.

What book haven’t you read because it’s humongous?


Jerusalem by Alan Moore. This is the guy who wrote V For Vendetta and The Watchmen and stuff like that, and this is basically his magnum opus, something he’d worked on for a decade or something, and man, it’s 1266 pages. My main hesitation with its length is… I’m not sure I’m going to love this. Like, I don’t know if I want to sacrifice 1300 pages of reading time for something I find just ok, y’know? I mean I hope I do love it, but I’m hesitant.

What book haven’t you read because it was a cover buy and you’ve seen heard mixed reviews?

Ninth House (Alex Stern, #1)

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo. This wasn’t necessarily a cover buy so much as a ‘I like this author’ buy, but I know I’m not the only one who’s been hesitating due to the reviews for this that seem to be all over the place. So we’ll see. I’ll get to it. Eventually.

What book haven’t you read because it’s the most intimidating book on your TBR?


S. by J. J. Abrams and Doug Dorst. This is one of those multiple layer stories. You have the book, The Ship of Thesues, and then you have the footnotes by the author, Straka, and then you have a conversation happening between two readers as they write notes in the margins to each other. And this comes in a box and within the pages are folded notes and maps and stuff that come out. I’ve given this a shot once already and got a bit overwhelmed, so I’m intimidated. And the other most recent multiple layer book I read, House of Leaves, turned out to by a disappointment. I know they’re nothing alike but in my mind they’re both up there at the same level. hm hm hm

And that’s it! I tag Katy and Zezee. But if you’d like to do this tag, consider yourself tagged!