Top Ten Tuesday: Genre Freebie! Out of print manga I’m still collecting

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Happy Tuesday, the world is falling into chaos. 😀 At least we still have our books. Today’s topic is a genre freebie, so I’m going with manga that are out of print that I haven’t finished collecting yet. And for clarity’s sake, my definition of ‘out of print’ will be ‘the original run of it is out of print’. Meaning there might be bind-up editions still being produced but the single volume manga is no longer being published.

The order for these manga will take into account how long the series is, how many I have, how actively I’m looking for volumes, and how hard to find they are. And because they’re out of print, I tend to buy them when I see them, regardless of what volume they are, so you’ll see rando volumes here and there in my collection.

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by ThatArtsyReaderGirl!

10. Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi – This one makes the bottom of the list for two reasons: It’s the one I have the most of already, and it’s the one that’s easiest to find. You can still get new copies of random issues online, and used ones of others fairly easily.

  • Owned: 25/58. Vols 1-24, 26

9. Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino – This one is on the list where it is because honestly I started collecting it by accident. It was right next to a Wild Ones issue I bought and I accidentally scooped this one up too and didn’t realize it til later when I was going through my haul. But it’s a series that’s been on my radar for a while so I figure I’ll collect it. Now I just need to get volume 1. :”D

  • Owned: 1/19. Vol 6

8. Priest by Min-Woo Hyung – This one is where it is because while I only have a handful, I tend to see them pop up in clearance sales and whatnot, so getting a hold of them shouldn’t be too hard if I make the effort to hunt them out. This is a gothic vampire western and from what I’ve read so far, pretty damned good.

  • Owned: 6/16. Vols 1-6

7. Rave Master by Hiro Mashima – This one’s by the same author that wrote Fairy Tale. I watched this anime a long time ago when it first aired and collected the first three volumes when it was in print. For some reason I never kept up with it and now that it’s done I kinda want it all, so… I picked them up when I see them.

  • Owned: 10/35. Vols 1-9, 12

6. Wild Adapter by Kazuya Minekura – This one is a recent addition to my collection. This is by the same author that wrote Saiyuki, which is another out of print manga that I love but don’t collect (yet) because my sister owns it and I can just borrow it if I wanna read.

  • Owned: 3/7. Vols 1-3

5. Confidential Confessions by Momochi Reiko – This is another recent addition. I started collecting this within the last couple months, but I originally read it back when I was a teenager. This is a manga that dives into serious topics and isn’t for kiddies.

  • Owned: 3/7. Vols 1-3

4. Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase – While I read this whole series ages ago, it was via borrowing from buddies. But since I’ve fallen into a shojo kick since the beginning of the year I started collecting this myself. I only have the one so far, and I haven’t seen the others around yet, but I also haven’t looked, so who knows, maybe this’ll be a breeze to get, maybe it’ll be a pain.

  • Owned: 1/6. Vol 1

3. Wild Ones by Kiyo Fujiwara – This one I borrowed from the library late last year and adored. It’s a pain in the butt to find though, which is why it’s so high in the list. I’ve only a couple volumes of my own so far. I’ll get there I’ll get there.

  • Owned: 2/10. Vols 1, 6

2. Immortal Rain by Kaori Ozaki – This was one of the first manga series I started collecting back when I was a teen, and I never finished my collection. It went out of print before I did and now I barely see this anywhere. I was lucky enough to come across volume 7 a few months ago and boy did I snatch that up. I don’t have too much more to get, so if you see them online anywhere, do let me know. And honestly…. I don’t even think the whole thing was translated into English. The last few volumes on Goodreads suggest that they weren’t. Boo!

  • Owned: 7/11. Vols 1-7

Bitter Virgin, Volume 1 (Bitter Virgin, #1)

1. Bitter Virgin by Kei Kusunoki – This is the hardest one to find. Honestly, I don’t think it was ever officially translated into English. So obviously I don’t own any of these, but I’d love to. I read it online probably ten years ago and even now the story has stuck with me. It’s only four volumes long, but it packs a wallop. I’d really love to get a hold of these so if you live overseas from the US and you spot English editions of these please, please let me know. Hell I’d even take a bind up. Anything! ANYTHING.

  • Owned: 0/4.

And that’s it! There are other out of printies that I’m collecting too, but these ten are the ones I’m most actively after (and this isn’t including the in-print ones I’m collecting, obviously). If you’ve read any of these, or more importantly, if you’ve seen any of these floating around, lemme know! Happy reading!

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  1. Oh my goooosh, I completely forgot about Rave Master! I should rewatch that anime! Vampire Knight was a fun series, though i only watched the anime and I never did get around to reading the manga, unfortunately. Good luck with your collecting!
    Here’s my TTT post.

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