April ̶B̶o̶o̶k̶ Manga Haul #39

Book Haul Base Banner

Guess who only bought manga this month. It’s me!

This month, I purchased Black Butler volumes 13-28. This series has quickly become a favorite. I just finished volume 28 yesterday (which I’ll get to further in my wrap up) but it’s definitely entered my top five favorite manga of all time. Maybe even top three. It’s just so damned good. Volume 29 comes out in September and man am I pining.

I also made another order on rightstufanime, but as a couple of the books in the order are out of stock, it hasn’t arrived yet. So that’ll (hopefully) be in next month’s haul.

I miss going to the bookstore. I miss it so much.

And that’s it! Short and sweet this month, and as long as the lock down is in place, basically I’ll only be buying manga, and that’s ok with me, as that’s basically all I’m reading right now anyways.

Until next month!

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