The books, they are spreeeaaading

Coffee Time

Back in 2017, my husband and I moved into our current place. It’s a three-bedroom thing and we have no children currently. The idea was that we would have a bedroom and then each get a room to basically make our own.

My husband chose to make his an office. He’s a computer guy by profession, a tinkerer by heart, and a gamer when he’s not being either of those. So our office has his gaming rig, and like, a million spare computer parts all over the place. I do have a PC in there too for when we game together, but I’m in there maybe 5% of the time that he is, so it’s his space, I just visit.

My space however is my book room. If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ve probably seen pictures or heard me yabber about it. My book room has six full size and one half size book cases in it, along with a big pleather recliner, a side table and a lamp. I have the shelves and walls decorated with various whats-its, so I’m pretty happy with how it is. There’s also a second chair in there, an antique rocking chair, and my husband will come in with me occasionally to read. My space, he just visits.

So about the books spreading. Recently – the last probably three or four months – you may have noticed I’ve purchased nothing but manga. And by nothing but I mean a lot of manga. I’ve increased my collection quite a bit as a result.

So, you know, get bored, buy manga. Eventually the manga overflows on my shelves. For a while I was triple stacked and very recently I decided to get another book case. Problem is, it won’t fit in the book room. Literally all the wall space is taken now.

So it has gone into the hallway outside the book room. I’m taking more space, it’s mine. I moved all the nonfiction out there and now all my manga are together and actually single-stacked.

The books are spreading, and soon they will be all over the house!

See look, isn’t it beautiful?!?!? :’D

That’s all, I just wanted to pretend I’m some monster from the black lagoon slowly taking over the world house.

Happy reading!

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