Music Monday! #2

Happy Monday! It’s the first Monday of the month, therefore it’s time for some music! I started this post series last month, so if you’re interested, go check out my first post about it.

Basically what I do every month is highlight some of my favorite songs I discovered during the previous month! Next month in December, I’m gonna make a themed post around Christmas music, but otherwise it’ll just be ‘stuff I found recently’.

I listen to all sorts of genres, but I tend to lean mostly towards metal and rock. So it’ll be a mixed bag every month.

This is what I found recently that I really liked!

Genre: Power metal
Genre: Power metal
Genre: Synthwave (and totally feels like it’s from the 80s)
Genre: Christian Rock
Genre: Symphonic Metal

So this week’s picks are moooostly metal, one synth and one Christian rock, which… I had no idea it was Christian rock specifically until I looked up the genre of the band. So that’s neat.

If you give any of the above a listen, lemme know what you think! If you’re a Nightwish fan, I recommend checking out The Dark Element track at the bottom here, as this is the band that Anette went to after leaving Nightwish. They have two albums out so far and I really like them. I feel like their tone fits her voice really well. Honestly reminds me of like ‘metal abba’. I dig it.

And that’s it! Happy reading listening!

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